The 85% Solution: How Personal Accountability Guarantees Success--No Nonsense, No Excuses
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More About This Title The 85% Solution: How Personal Accountability Guarantees Success--No Nonsense, No Excuses


A guide to personal accountability-the fundamental key to leadership success

With the toughest economic downturn in recent history, the issue of accountability has taken center stage. However accountability is often confused with punishment, fault, blame and guilt. In this book, the author argues that the only true accountability is "personal accountability" and the only way to achieve it is to take responsibility for the outcomes of your choices, behaviors and actions. The 85% Solution reveals that to be truly accountable, leaders must accept no less than 85% of the responsibility for the outcomes of your actions; Empower themselves to take the risks and actions you must in order to get what they want; and Show they are willing to answer for the outcomes that result from their choices and actions.

  • Offers a practical guide to personal accountability and reveals how this leads to personal and business success
  • Guides readers to take the risks and actions to reach their goals
  • Contains self-assessments for determining personal accountability index

The author is an experienced consultant who works with organizations, teams, and individuals to improve their personal and work lives.


Linda Galindo consults with organizations, teams, and individuals who aim to improve their work and personal lives through greater personal accountability. She is a keynote speaker and conducts executive level seminars and retreats. She has been a regular contributor to Connect magazine and Lab Medicine. Galindo is experienced in change management, accountability, leadership development, and cultural assessment.

Versera Performance Consulting offers consulting and training services based on the content in The 85% Solution. Versera's validated Accountability Assessment, based on Linda Galindo's development and design, measures an individual's accountability on four dimensions. Versera's 8-hour and 4-hour facilitated workshops teach the mind-set and behaviors that create lasting individual and organizational accountability.


Foreword by David A. Costello xi

Introduction 1

Part I Responsibility

The Queen of Victims: A Fairy Tale 11

It’s My Responsibility 15

You Are Responsible: A Before-the-Fact Mind-set 18

Planet What Is 21

Put the 85% Solution to Work for You 24

Get Off of Planet Guilt 30

No Fault, No Guilt, No Blame 35

“I Am Not Lazy, I Just Pretend I Am” 40

A Good Reason Not to Share 45

All for One, One for All 51

Follow the Leader? 55

The Accountability Quotient, Part 1 58

Part II Self-Empowerment

Make a Splash 65

Empower Thyself 68

The 85% Connection 74

What’s Your Point? 77

The Choice Is Yours 81

Empowerment in Real Numbers 87

Your Unique Definition of Success 90

Spread the Word 98

Go for the Goal 103

Empower Your Attitude 107

Empower Your Time 119

Empower Your Words 132

The Accountability Quotient, Part 2 147

Part III Personal Accountability

It Goes Both Ways 155

Stand Up 159

What You’ll Give Up 162

Tell the Truth 167

What If You Don’t Get Caught? 174

Own Your Choices—Right or Wrong 179

Crystal Clear 182

Write It Down 186

A Clear Risk 193

Floating in We-We 196

Just in Time 202

Rolling Heads 206

Sticks and Stones 209

Holding Others Accountable 213

To Thine Own Self Be Clear 220

The Accountability Quotient, Part 3 225

Epilogue 229

The Author 232

Index 234