Thermal Design: Heat Sinks, Thermoelectrics, HeatPipes, Compact Heat Exchangers, and Solar Cells
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More About This Title Thermal Design: Heat Sinks, Thermoelectrics, HeatPipes, Compact Heat Exchangers, and Solar Cells


Thermal Design: Heat Sinks, Thermoelectrics, Heat Pipes, Compact Heat Exchangers, and Solar Cells, Second Edition, is a significantly updated new edition which now includes a chapter on thermoelectrics It covers thermal devices such as heat sinks, thermoelectric generators and coolers, heat pipes, and heat exchangers as design components in larger systems. These devices are becoming increasingly important and fundamental in thermal design across such diverse areas as microelectronic cooling, green or thermal energy conversion, and thermal control and management in space. The underlying concepts in this book cover the understanding of the physical mechanisms of the thermal devices with the essential formulas and detailed derivations, and also the design of the thermal devices in conjunction with mathematical modeling, graphical optimization, and occasionally computational-fluid-dynamic (CFD) simulation. This new edition includes more examples, problems and tutorials, and a solutions manual is available on a companion website.


HoSung Lee, PhD, is Professor of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at Western Michigan University.



Chapter 1 Introduction.

1.1 Introduction.

1.2 Human and Energy.

1.3 Thermodynamics.

1.4 Heat Transfer.


Chapter 2 Heat Sinks.

2.1 Longitudinal Fin of Rectangular Profile.

2.2 Heat Transfer from Fin.

2.3 Fin Effectiveness.

2.4 Fin Efficiency.

2.5 Corrected Profile Length.

2.6 Optimizations.

2.7 Multiple Fin Array I.

2.8 Multiple Fin Array II.

2.9 Thermal Resistance and Overall Efficiency.

2.10 Fin Design with Thermal Radiation.




Chapter 3 Thermoelectrics.

3.1 Introduction.

3.2 Seebeck Effect.

3.3 Peltier Effect.

3.4 Figure of Merit.

3.5 Thermoelectric Generator (TEG).

3.6 Thermoelectric Coolers (TEC).

3.7 Applications.

3.8 Design Example.



Chapter 4 Heat Pipes.

4.1 Operation of Heat Pipe.

4.2 Surface Tension.

4.3 Heat Transfer Limitations.

4.4 Heat Pipe Thermal Resistance.

4.5 Variable Conductance Heat Pipes (VCHP).

4.6 Loop Heat Pipes.

4.7 Micro Heat Pipes.

4.8 Working Fluid.

4.9 Wick Structures.

4.10 Design Example.



Design Problem.

Chapter 5 Compact Heat Exchangers.

5.1 Introduction.

5.2 Fundamentals of Heat Exchangers.

5.3 Double-Pipe Heat Exchangers.

5.4 Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers.

5.5 Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE).

5.6 Pressure Drops in Compact Heat Exchangers.

5.7 Finned-Tube Heat Exchangers.

5.8 Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers.

5.9 Louver-Fin-Type Flat-tube Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers.



Double Pipe Heat Exchanger.

Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger.

Plate Heat Exchanger.

Finned-Tube Heat Exchanger.

Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger.

Louver-Fin-Type Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger.

Chapter 6 Solar Cells.

6.1 Introduction.

6.2 Quantum Mechanics.

6.3 Density of States.

6.4 Equilibrium Intrinsic Carrier Concentration.

6.5 Extrinsic Semiconductors in Thermal Equilibrium.

6.6 Generation and Recombination.

6.7 Recombination.

6.8 Carrier Transport.

6.9 Minority Carrier Transport.

6.10 Characteristics of Solar Cells.

6.11 Additional Topics.

6.12 Modeling.

6.13 Design of a Solar Cell.




Quantum Mechanics.

Density of State.

Equilibrium Intrinsic Carrier Concentration.

Extrinsic Semiconductor in Thermal Equilibrium.

Generation and Recombination.


Carrier Transport.

Minority Carrier Lifetime.

Characteristic of Solar Cell.


Solar Cell Design.

Appendix A Thermophysical Properties.

Appendix B Thermoelectrics.

Appendix C Pipe Dimensions.

Appendix D Curve Fitting of Working Fluids.

Appendix E Tutorial I for 2-D.

Appendix F Tutorial II for 3-D.

Appendix G Computational Work of Heat Pipe.

Appendix H Computational Work of Heat Sink.

Appendix I Tutorial for MathCAD.