Positioning for Architecture and Design Firms
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More About This Title Positioning for Architecture and Design Firms


An essential guide for a firm of any size to effectively position itself in the marketplace

For an architecture or design firm to survive and prosper in the new economy, it needs to redefine and reinvigorate its position in the marketplace. With dozens of how-to cases, examples, and guidelines, Positioning for Architecture and Design Firms provides the entire menu of tools, plus the inspiration needed, for making the changes required to stay competitive in the design world. Offering strategies for leveraging a firm's strongest assets into the formulation of a successful long-term plan, this book breaks with tradition to introduce the latest concepts specifically developed for building future business opportunities in an unstable economic landscape marked by shifts in competition, technology, and client expectations.

With a wealth of information targeting the subject of positioning, readers will learn:

  • Why the aftershocks of the Great Recession are likely to linger, and what you can do about it in relation to your firm's success

  • How the coming generational shift will change the design business

  • What positioning is, and how it needs to be developed to support and implement your strategic vision

  • How your firm can establish a robust identity and operating model

  • The importance of your firm's essential purpose

  • How to turn your marketing department into a true marketing system, transforming it from production mode into an integrated positioning machine

  • Why it is important to engage in advanced research and open innovation initiatives

Addressing issues of firm identity, including an understanding of how to create the market positioning desired, Positioning for Architecture and Design Firms shows how a design firm—large or small, new or well established—can position itself to gain greater control over its destiny, and reach loftier levels of achievement.

  • Learn about firm types, and match the right type to a firm's goals

  • Develop and maintain a firm's identity in the marketplace

  • Discover how organizational design and marketing support a chosen firm type


JACK REIGLE, a veteran of the design industry with more than two decades of strategic planning experience, is President of SPARKS, The Center for Strategic Planning. He assists firms of all sizes in the development of strategy and positioning plans, allowing them to thrive and succeed in the most challenging environments. His previous book is Silver Bullets: Strategic Intelligence for Better Design Firm Management.





Chapter 1. Future Tense.

Chapter 2. Positioning.

Chapter 3. Firm Identity and Purpose.

Chapter 4. Markets and Services.

Chapter 5. The Marketing System.

Chapter 6. Organization Development.

Chapter 7. Advanced Research and Open Innovation.



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