The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics
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More About This Title The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics


Learn to manage and grow successful analytical teams within your business

Examining analytics-one of the hottest business topics today-The New KNOW argues that analytics is needed by all enterprises in order to be successful. Until now, enterprises have been required to know what happened in the past, but in today's environment, your organization is expected to have a good knowledge of what happens next.

This innovative book covers

  • Where analytics live in the enterprise
  • The value of analytics
  • Relationships betwixt and between
  • Technologies of analytics
  • Markets and marketers of analytics

The New KNOW is a timely, essential resource to staying competitive in your field.


Thornton May knows knowing. His work on the complex intersection of the informational, knowledge, and behavioral components of organizational change includes teaching at distinguished business schools, writing for widely read technology magazines, futuring at think tanks, and keeping in monthly contact with more than 1,000 C-level executives.

May specializes in creating collaborative knowledge places, postindustrial campfires where the best and brightest convene to understand what they know, what they don't know, and what they can do about it. He currently engages executives at organizations such as the CIO Executive Summit (Evanta/DMG Group), the Multi-Channel Value Lab (Digital River), the Olin Innovation Lab (Olin College of Engineering), and the Value Studio at Florida State College at Jacksonville.

The editors at eWeek magazine acknowledged May as one of the "100 Most Influential People in IT." The editors at Fast Company consider him one of the "50 best brains in business."

Thornton May received his BA from Dartmouth College and his MSIA from Carnegie-Mellon University. He did doctoral work in Japanese studies at the University of Michigan and Keio University in Tokyo.



The Blending of Insight and Technology by Jean E. Eagle.

Are We at the Advent of Something Big? by John E. Chickering, CRM 

Introduction: Sitting on a Hinge of History.

Can Futurists Be Trusted?

What Exactly Is a Hinge of History?


Chapter 1 The Art, Act, and Science of Knowing.

Why Are Humans at the Top of the Food Chain?

Recent History of Knowing.


Chapter 2 A Transformed World.

Analytics Makes Change Understandable.

Finance Industry: One of the First to Be Transformed by Analytics.

Healthcare Will Be Transformed by Analytics.

Retail Is on the Cusp of Being Transformed.

Grocery Stores Lead Transformation.

Advertising Is Being Transformed.

What We Must Know about Customers Is Transforming.

Business Models Are Transforming.

Logistics Has Been Transformed.

The Military Has Been Transformed.

Science Is Transforming.

Agriculture and Food Are Being Transformed.

Work Itself Is Transforming.

Transportation Is Being Transformed.

Politics Is Transforming.

Technology Companies Slow to Embrace Analytics.

The Media Has Been Slow to Transform.


Chapter 3 The Analyst: A New Animal in The Organizational Forest.

What Do Analysts Do?

Understanding Customers.

Evolution of Analytics.

Analyst Brand.

Education of Analysts.

Career Path.


Managing Analyst.

Analytics Everywhere. 


Chapter 4 Where Analysts Live in the Organization.

The History that Got Us Where We Are Today.

State of Organizational Structure Today.

A “Hot Mess”.

Thoughts on the New Normal.

Power of Connected Analytics.

Power of Conversation.

The Path Ahead.

But When You Get It Right…

A Different Model to Build On.


Chapter 5 Relationships Betwixt and Between.

Why Are Relationships Important?

A More Nuanced Understanding of Relationships.

Paying Attention to What People Pay Attention To.

Managing Relationships Requires Understanding Info-War.

Whom Do You Want to Have a Relationship With?

Relationships with Peers.

Analysts Need to Get in the Game.

Social Network Analysis: The Forgotten Piece of Business Analytics.

Evolution of Relationships.

Intense Focus on “Same Paging”.

Social Capital Is Teamwork Scaled Up.

Analysts are Weak at Relationship Math. 


Chapter 6 Technologies of Analytics.

Technology Evolves.

Where Business Analytics Sits Today.

It Is Time to Wake Up and Analyze the Data.

What People Agree On.



Chapter 7 Value of Analytics: Knowledge, Strategy, and Innovation.

Business Analytics as Source of Strategic Understanding.

Marketing to Customers.

Customer Knowledge.

Real-Time Product Pricing.

Every Five Years: A “Do Over”.

Applying Analytics to Innovation.

Choice Architecture.

Innovation Matters.

Role of Business Analytics in Innovation.

Innovation Requires Process.


Chapter 8 Where Is All This Going?

A New Kind of World.

A New Kind of Decision Making.

We Now Know Better.

A New Kind of Skill Set.

A New Customer Knowledge.

Experiments Mistakes and Questions.

A New Kind of Leadership through Analytics.

Analytical Infrastructure.


The New Know: A Few Afterwordish Thoughts by Alan Webber.