The Social Network Business Plan: 18 Strategies That Will Create Great Wealth
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More About This Title The Social Network Business Plan: 18 Strategies That Will Create Great Wealth


All of us know that users of the Web do not read advertisements on the websites we visit, yet the online communities are emerging as the next great media rely solely on this method to produce revenue. In The Social Network Business Plan, social network expert, David Silver presents and explains 18 cutting-edge methods to create revenue for social network websites--none of which are advertising. He also predicts the demise of seemingly successful online communities such as MySpace and Facebook that rely on advertising as non-sustainable modalities. Silver describes and explains that in the future new products and services will be introduced, talked about, rated, reviewed and recommended - or killed - by online communities. One example of the 18 new revenue channels that online communities are adopting is the sale to vendors of anonymized conversations of the community members concerning those vendors' products or services. Another example is online communities who partner with the internet providers to receive payment when a particular online community's information is downloaded usinf that providers service. The other sixteen revenue channels are equally head-turning!

Silver is the only angel investor, operating down where the rubber meets the road, who is investing in online communities in their infancy, and writing about which ones will win and which ones will fail.


David Silver is the Pied Piper of social networks, having funded more than a dozen of them, including,, and, and has consulted for and many others. Before the social networks wave crashed onto his shore, David provided the early stage capital for ActMedia, Cognition Technologies, Frontier Telecommunications, Intelepeer, TIE/communications, and Victor Kiam's LBO of Remington Brands, among more than 600 other entrepreneurial companies.




Chatper 1. Eighteen Sustainable Revenue Channels.

Chapter 2. Your Recommender Community as Theater.

Chapter 3. Mimic the Bakers and Copy Starbucks.

Chapter 4. Why Not Start Five Simultaneously?

Chapter 5. Loyalty and Passion Builders.

Chapter 6. Disruption: The Sumptuous Impertinence.

Chapter 7. Should You Sell, or Are You Having Too Mucdh Fun?

Chapter 8. Wrap-Up.