Art Psychotherapy, Second Edition
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The long-awaited new edition of the landmark text defining art therapy

Art therapists use the creative process and the issues that surface during art therapy to help their clients increase insight and judgment, cope with stress, work through traumatic experiences, increase cognitive abilities, have better relationships with family and friends, and simply enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of the creative experience.

In this highly anticipated revision of the definitive text on art therapy, author and pioneer art therapist Dr. Harriet Wadeson examines the clinical considerations, education, history, and application of art therapy treatment programs for an array of presenting problems. Reflecting current DSM updates since the first edition's publication, the Second Edition has been completely updated, with nine new chapters on trauma, crisis, multicultural considerations, community art therapy, and more.

Illustrated with over 150 works of art from clients as well as the author's own personal artwork, and packaged with a companion CD-ROM, which includes more than 100 full-color versions of the illustrations in the book, Art Psychotherapy, Second Edition is a comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of art therapy. Written by one of the most established experts in the field, this book will be informative for practicing art therapists, other mental health practitioners looking to incorporate art therapy into their mental health practice, students in these disciplines, and those interested in entering the art therapy profession.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.


Harriet Wadeson, PhD, LCSW, ATR-BC, HLM, established and directed the Art Therapy Graduate Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago for twenty-three years. She is the author of six books on art therapy and over seventy articles in professional journals. She is an Honorary Life Member of the American Art Therapy Association (AATA), the profession's highest honor, and has been awarded a Resolution of Commendation from the Illinois State Legislature, as well as numerous awards for her art, research, and scientific exhibits. In addition to holding many offices on the AATA's Executive Board, she is a past associate editor of Art Therapy, the journal of the AATA. She is a frequent international guest lecturer and currently heads the Art Therapy Program at Northwestern University.


Foreword to the First Edition.


Preface to the First Edition (Revised).


Acknowledgments to the First Edition.

PART I: Principles and Application.

1 Creative Process.

2 Advantages of Art Therapy.

3 Roots and Application of Art Therapy.

4 Institutional Influences.

5 Therapeutic Relationship.

6 Multicultural Issues.

PART II: Trauma.

7 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

8 Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

9 Crisis. 

PART III: Mood Disorders.

10 Depression.

11 Bipolar Disorder.

12 Suicide.

PART IV: Schizophrenia.

13 General Characteristics and Clinical Considerations in Schizophrenia.

14 Phenomenology of Schizophrenia Expressed in Art.

15 Institutional Impact.

16 Art Expression and Recovery Style in Acute Schizophrenia.

17 Comparison of Art Expression in Schizophrenia, Depression, and Bipolar Psychosis.

PART V: Physical Conditions.

18 Medical Conditions.

19 Substance Abuse.

PART VI: Structuring Art Therapy.

20 Short-Term Hospitalization and Aftercare.

21 Group Art Therapy.

22 Family Art Therapy.

23 Drawing Dreams.

24 Combining Expressive Therapies.

25 Community Art Therapy.

26 Research.


27 Art For Professional Self-Processing.

Concluding Remarks.



Author Index.

Subject Index.

About the CD-ROM.