Site Furnishings: A Complete Guide to the Planning, Selection and Use of Landscape Furniture and Amenities
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More About This Title Site Furnishings: A Complete Guide to the Planning, Selection and Use of Landscape Furniture and Amenities


Introducing the first all-in-one guide to site furniture principles, processes, and best practices

Furniture matters—outdoors as well as in. Understanding the connections between site and site furniture enhances the creative opportunities for designers of outdoor spaces and increases their ability to influence the long-term success of the spaces they design. Site Furnishings comprehensively examines how to elevate the design of site furnishings to achieve programming goals.

Intended for landscape architects, designers, and contractors, as well as urban planners and designers, civil engineers, and other professionals, this accessible resource explores the ways that furniture contributes to the quality of outdoor spaces, and provides conceptual tools, technical information, and examples of successful applications. Just as important, it provides an in-depth overview of the elements that comprise site furnishings and the critical issues that inform site furniture selection.

Supported by case studies and an abundance of high-quality photographs, Site Furnishings introduces professionals from all fields involved in site design to:

Best practices, with a look at how these approaches lead to functional, responsive, and supportable outdoor spacesA step-by-step process for developing a furniture planA typology of places that encompasses a wide spectrum of outdoor spaces, including parks and plazas, streetscapes, retail malls, theme parks, and transit hubsManagement's role in the success of public spaces, supported by a detailed case study of how site and furniture management is implemented at New York's Bryant ParkSustainability, including the major issues involved in making sustainable site choices, where to obtain information, and industry initiatives to promote themTechnical information on materials, installation methods, maintenance, and functional requirements of street and site furniture


BILL MAIN, Honorary ASLA, is President of Landscape Forms, one of the world's premier designers and manufacturers of outdoor commercial furniture. He received his BSLA and MBA from Michigan State University.

GAIL GREET HANNAH is a freelance writer who frequently works with furniture companies such as Knoll and Landscape Forms, and is the author of¿several design-related books.





1. The Role of Furniture in Outdoor Spaces.

2. The Furniture Plan.

3. Types of Spaces.

4. Seating.

5. Receptacles.

6. Other Site Furniture Elements and Accessories.

7. Selecting Site Furniture.

8. Accessible Design.

9. Management.

10. Materials and Finishes.

11. Installation and Maintenance.

12. Sustainability.

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