Raman, Infrared, and Near-Infrared Chemical Imaging
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More About This Title Raman, Infrared, and Near-Infrared Chemical Imaging


An all-inclusive guide on the analytical methods of Raman, infrared, and near-infrared chemical imaging

An underutilized technology, chemical imaging through Raman, infrared (IR), and near-infrared (NIR) is beginning to gain recognition for its non-destructive method of permitting visualization of spatially resolved chemical information. This type of analysis is triggering a groundswell of demand as manufactured materials become more complex and the need for greater scrutiny and less damaging research practices is at a premium. Concentrating on the applications of chemical imaging, this book presents a thorough background on the theory, software, and hardware employed in this analytical technique. With full examination of this rapidly growing field, this book:

  • Combines many different aspects and applications into one comprehensive volume

  • Discusses how chemical imaging techniques have expanded greatly in terms of instruments and applications, but have lagged in general awareness among scientists and industries that would benefit the most from them

  • Describes chemical imaging uses in key areas—biomedical, pharmaceutical, food, and polymer research

  • Has chapters that outline hardware and instrumentation for the different methods of chemical imaging

Encapsulating analytic methods without complicating the subject matter, this book shows where chemical imaging has been successfully applied, inspiring researchers to cultivate the exciting capabilities rooted within this powerful and multifaceted technology.


SLOBODAN SASIC works in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department at Pfizer Global Research and Development. He is a well-published and recognized authority on Raman spectroscopy for pharmaceutical analysis. Dr. Sasic edited Pharmaceutical Applications of Raman Spectroscopy (Wiley).

YUKIHIRO OZAKI is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Kwansei Gakuin University. He is also a coeditor of the books Near-Infrared Spectroscopy in Food Science and Technology, Near-Infrared Spectroscopy: Principles, Instruments, Applications, and Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy: Applications in Vibrational and Optical Spectroscopy, all published by Wiley.




1 Spectroscopic Theory for Chemical Imaging (M. J. Pelletier and C. C. Pelletier).

Part I Hardware.

2 Raman Imaging Instrumentation (Matthew P. Nelson and Patrick J. Treado).

3 FT-IR Imaging Hardware (J. Sellors, R. A. Crocombe, R. A. Holt and N. A. Wright).

4 Technologies and Practical Considerations for Implementing Near-Infrared Chemical Imaging (E. Neil Lewis and Linda H. Kidder).

5 Data Analysis and Chemometrics for Hyperspectral Imaging (Paul Geladi, Hans Grahn and Marena Manley).

Part II Biomedical Applications.

6 Biomedical Applications of Raman Imaging (Michael D. Morris and Gurjit S. Mandair).

7 Skin Pharmacology and Cosmetic Science Applications of IR Spectroscopy, Microscopy, and Imaging (Richard Mendelsohn, Carol L. Flach, David J. Moore, and Laurence Senak).

8 Near-Infrared In Vivo Spectroscopic Imaging: Biomedical Research and Clinical Applications (R. Anthony Shaw, Valery V. Kupriyanov, Olga Jilkina, and Michael G. Sowa).

Part III Pharmaceutical Applications.

9 Pharmaceutical Applications of Raman Chemical Imaging (SlobodanŠašic and Lin Zhang).

10 Applications of FTIR Spectroscopic Imaging in Pharmaceutical Industry (Sergei G. Kazarian and Patrick S. Wray).

11 NIR Imaging Applications in Pharmaceutical Industry (Ad Gerich, Janie Dubois, and Linda H. Kidder).

Part IV Applications in Food Research .

12 Raman and Infrared Imaging of Foods (Nils Kristian Afseth and Ulrike Böker).

13 Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging in Food Research (Paul Geladi and Marena Manley).

Part V Applications in Polymer Research

14 Vibrational Spectroscopy Imaging in Polymers (Harumi Sato, Yukihiro Ozaki, Jianhui Jiang, Ru-Qin Yu and Hideyuki Shinzawa).

Part VI Special Methods.

15 Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Imaging: Application and Experimental Approach by Far-Field with Conventional Set-up (Yasutaka Kitahama, Mohammad Kamal Hossain, Yukihiro Ozaki, Tamitake Itoh, Atiyanathil Sujith, and Xiaoxia Han).

16 Linear and Non-Linear Raman Microscopy: From a Molecule to Single Living Cells (Hideaki Kano, Yu-San Huang, Yasuaki Naito, Rintaro Shimada, and Hiro-o Hamaguchi).



“The book is a valuable resource for everyone working in vibrational spectroscopic imaging and will inspire researchers to exploit the exciting capabilities of these powerful and multifaceted techniques.”  (Anal Bioanal Chem, 2011)