The Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey
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More About This Title The Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey


Emmanuel Goldstein has been editor and publisher of 2600 from the start. He also hosts a weekly radio show, Off the Hook; served as technical consultant for the 1995 feature film Hackers; and has testified before Congress on the issue of hacking and where the threat actually lies. You can visit the 2600 web site at, or contact 2600 by mail at 2600 Magazine, PO Box 752, Middle Island, NY 11953.



I The 1980s: In the Beginning.

1 Stories and Adventures.

2 The Last Days of Ma Bell.

3 New Toys to Play With.

4 The Early Days of the Net.

5 Corporate History.

6 Raids.

7 The Hacker Philosophy.

II The 1990s: The World Discovers Hackers.

8 Pop Culture and the Hacker World.

9 The Computer Revolution.

10 Learning to Hack Other Things.

11 More Hacker Stories and Adventures.

12 The Changing of the Telephone.

13 Hackers and the Law.

III 2000 and Beyond: A Changing Landscape.

14 The Lawsuits.

15 Still More Hacker Stories.

16 A New Era of Telephony.

17 Retail Hacking.

18 Toys of the 21st Century.



" … The Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey is an important, amazing book that tells the story of these kids and adults as they explore a new frontier."
—John Baichtal (Wired Blog, August, 2008)

"...a testament to a culture which thrived before computers and the internet mattered to most of the world." (New statesman, September, 2008)