The All-New Switch Book: The Complete Guide to LAN Switching Technology
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More About This Title The All-New Switch Book: The Complete Guide to LAN Switching Technology


This much-needed update to the bestselling guide on the extensive changes to the local area networks (LAN) switching technologies explains why LAN switching technologies are critical to network design. This in-depth guide covers the capabilities, application, and design of LAN switches and switched internetworks and examines the significant changes that have taken place since the publication of the first edition seven years ago. You’re sure to appreciate the witty writing style and easy-to-follow format on such an often-complicated subject matter.


Rich Seifert is President of Networks & Communications Consulting. He has contributed to the design of a wide range of products including LAN switches.

Jim Edwards is a Nortel Networks certified support specialist specializing in network architecture, specifically switching, and virtual private networks. Working in the Premium Support Group consisting of Nortel's largest Enterprise customers, he has extensive experience with switching technologies.


Preface xxiii

Introduction xxv

Part One Foundations of LAN Switches

Chapter 1 Laying the Foundation 3

Chapter 2 Transparent Bridges 63

Chapter 3 Bridging Between Technologies 105

Chapter 4 Principles of LAN Switches 147

Chapter 5 Loop Resolution 201

Chapter 6 Source Routing 255

Part Two Advanced LAN Switch Concepts

Chapter 7 Full Duplex Operation 305

Chapter 8 LAN and Switch Flow Control 327

Chapter 9 Link Aggregation 361

Chapter 10 Multicast Pruning 413

Chapter 11 Virtual LANs: Applications and Concepts 433

Chapter 12 Virtual LANs: The IEEE Standard 475

Chapter 13 Priority Operation 517

Chapter 14 LAN Security 547

Chapter 15 Switch Management 565

Chapter 16 Network Troubleshooting Strategies 609

Chapter 17 Make the Switch! 641

Appendix: Protocol Parsing 699

References 703

Glossary 711

Index 753