On Becoming a Woman Leader
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Based on years of research, this book provides an analysis of the data gathered from extensive interviews with university presidents. Each of these women offers candid information about their lifelong journey to becoming a leader. They reveal their childhood and adolescent experiences including facts about their personality, schooling, activities, leadership positions, employment, influential individuals, significant events, opportunities, awards, recognitions, college plans, and goals. The discussion about the leaders’ college years provides insight into what influenced their leadership development, decisions, and perspectives.


Susan R. Madsen, Ed.D., is associate professor of management at Utah Valley University. For more than sixteen years, she has been an independent management consultant in a variety of settings including higher education, government, nonprofit, community, and corporate. Dr. Madsen's true passion revolves around her work as a leadership and change researcher, scholar, educator, and practitioner. Her work is widely published in academic journals, and she presents workshops, seminars, and lectures in a variety of national and international





The Author.

Part I: Youth.

1. Introduction.

2. Family Background and Childhood.

3. Adolescence.

4. College Years.

Part II: Adulthood.

5. Career Paths and Barriers.

6. Influential Individuals.

7. Developmental Activities.

8. Other Life Roles.

Part III: Leadership.

9. Leadership Motivation, Styles, and Philosophies.

10. Presidential Advice and Perspectives.

Appendix A: Research Methods.

Appendix B: Interview Categories.

Appendix C: Previous Positions Held by the Ten Women Presidents.