Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide To SuccessfulMeetings,Corporate Events,Fundraising Galas,Conferences,Conven,Incentives & Other Special Events 2/E
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More About This Title Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide To SuccessfulMeetings,Corporate Events,Fundraising Galas,Conferences,Conven,Incentives & Other Special Events 2/E


This bestselling all-in-one guide to the event planning business is back and better than ever, fully updated and revised to reflect the very latest trends and best practices in the industry. This handy, comprehensive guide includes forms, checklists, and tips for managing events, as well as examples and case studies of both successful and unsuccessful events.

Judy Allen (Toronto, ON, Canada) is founder and President of Judy Allen Productions, a full-service event planning production company.


Judy Allen is one of the world’s leading authorities on staging, event and lifestyle design and the bestselling author of ten books for the professional, business and consumer markets. Allen, a master of creative design, has flawlessly executed successful special events—corporate, social, and celebrity—for up to 2,000 guests at a time in more than 30 countries around the world. She has designed and produced memorable events such as Disney’s worldwide theatrical opening-night gala for Beauty and the Beast, and the orchestration of Oscar-winning director Norman Jewison’s 25th anniversary celebration for Fiddler on the Roof.
Highly skilled in staging events that are strategically designed to be one-of-kind experiences and a master of transforming the energy of an event environment by engaging the senses with trademark primary design principles, Allen has worked closely with CEOs, CFOs, presidents and their executive staff around the globe to create, implement and oversee their corporate and social business events.
The many diverse events that Allen has designed and executed extend from complex one-day events to elaborate arrangements of theme productions taking place over the course of a week. These events ranged from very exclusive VIP events to multimillion-dollar, multimedia fantasy extravaganzas including seven new-car product launches and involved high-tech stage and show productions.
Allen, and her 2jproductions (www.2jproductions.com) partner, Joe Shane, are now bringing their dynamic creative energy, innovative style and perceptive insight to home, life and lifestyle design and world class resorts around the world through Sensual Home Living™ (www.sensualhomeliving.com) and other initiatives.


Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xxiii

Chapter 1: The First Steps: Initial Planning & Budgeting 1

Determining Your Event Objectives 4

How Much Can You Spend? 5

Event Vision 7

Event Vision Q&A 17

Design Objectives of the Event Experience 24

Initial Planning 33

Visualization 38

Monitoring the Budget 41

Event Design Principles Checklist 45

Event Experience Design Objectives 45

Chapter 2: Organization and Timing 47

Critical Path 47

Function Sheets 52

Timing 58

Date Selection 67

Critical Path Checklist 73

Charting Your Critical Path 74

Chapter 3: Location, Location, Location 80

Site Selection 81

Location Requirements 90

Hotels and Convention Centers 93

Restaurants, Private Venues, Catering 98

Theaters 99

Tents 101

Gala Openings in New Venues 107

Contracts 108

Location Q&A 110

Move In Requirement Checklist 126

Event Suppliers’ Setup Logistics Checklist 128

Event Suppliers’ Teardown Checklist 131

Chapter 4: Transportation 133

By Air 136

By Land 140

Transportation Q&A 148

Transportation Checklist 164

Chapter 5: Guest Arrival 166

Guest Arrival Q&A 169

Fanfare 182

Fanfare Q&A 184

Registration: Guest Pass Security and Ticket Pickup 193

Registration Q&A 194

Guest Arrival Checklist 201

Chapter 6: Venue Requirements 202

Room Requirements 203

Room Requirements Q&A 203

Staging, Audiovisual, Lighting 208

Staging, Audiovisual, Lighting Q&A 213

Lighting-Specific Q&A 221

Venue and Event Supplier Checklist: Room, Venue and Supplier Requirements, and Contract Terms and Conditions 222

Chapter 7: Who’s It All For? 226

Know Your Guest Demographics 226

The Guest List 230

Invitations 234

Media 240

Media Q&A 241

Children at Your Event 242

E-vites, CD and DVD Invitations 244

Event Websites and Event RSVP Websites 246

Chapter 8: Food and Beverage 247

Examples of Texas Theme Parties with Different Energy 248

Food and Beverage Considerations 251

Menu Planning 255

Staffing 294

Charitable Donations 297

Chapter 9: Other Considerations 299

Entertainment 299

Entertainment Q&A 301

Photographers and Videographers 308

Photographer Q&A 311

Themes and Programs 317

Final Touches 327

Staff , Supplier and Entertainment Work Permits 330

Event Risk Assessment 335

Conclusion 340

It’s a Wrap! 340

Applause! Applause! 349

Your Next Event 350

Appendix A: Sample Cost Sheets 352

Appendix B: Sample Payment Schedules 376

Appendix C: Sample Function Sheets 384

Index 403