Modern Sustainable Residential Design: A Guide for Design Professionals
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More About This Title Modern Sustainable Residential Design: A Guide for Design Professionals


"The world of residential building is poised to do great things. The guidance, information, materials and technology, while ever-evolving, are in place. Now it's the hearts and minds that must follow. Modern Sustainable Residential Design is a comprehensive, user-friendly guide that can help. So let's get started."
—From the Foreword by Allison Arieff, The New York Times "By Design" columnist

Books and articles celebrating sustainable or green residential design have become commonplace. This book is different. Written for design professionals, William Carpenter's Modern Sustainable Residential Design not only explores the fundamental design principles of sustainable homes, it provides a practical guide to implementing them.

This guide offers lessons for architects, interior designers, and builders who want to conceptualize and implement sustainable design strategies in modern residential design. It outlines solutions for incorporating sustainable aspects into a home design from conceptualization to implementation. Detailed design analyses range from groundbreaking contemporary buildings such as Pugh + Scarpa's Solar Umbrella House to Ray Kappe's LivingHome, illuminating some of the most innovative sustainable strategies in the United States and abroad.


William J. Carpenter, FAIA, PhD, is a nationally recognized architect and educator. He is founder of Lightroom, an interdisciplinary design firm in Decatur, Georgia, specializing in architecture and new media projects for commercial and residential clients. Carpenter was a recipient of the national ACSA/AIAS Educator of the Year Award in 2000 and the National Young Architects Citation in 1997. A professor at Southern Polytechnic State University, he is the author of Learning by Building: Design and Construction in Architectural Education (Wiley).






CHAPTER  1 Sustainable Modern Homes: Historical Context.

CHAPTER  2 The Design Process.

CHAPTER  3 Green Building: The Contractor’s Perspective (Robert J. Soens Jr.).

CHAPTER  4 House as a System (Sydney G. Roberts, PhD, Southface Energy Institute).

CHAPTER  5 Materials for the Modern Home (James Burton, AIA, and William Carpenter, FAIA, PhD).

CHAPTER  6 Landscape Architecture and the Sustainable Modern Home (Lynn Saussy, ASLA, and William Carpenter, FAIA, PhD).

CHAPTER  7 Construction Documents for Homes (Robert Cain, AIA).

CHAPTER 8 Residential Interiors (Michelle Timberlake, ASID, and William Carpenter, FAIA, PhD). 


CHAPTER  9 Vanguard Sustainable Homes.

Black House, Prickwillow, England (Mole Architects).

Shenandoah Retreat, Warren County, Virginia (Carter + Burton Architecture).

Yoga Studio and Residence, Bluemont, Virginia (Carter + Burton Architecture).

700 Palms Residence, Venice, California (Steven Ehrlich).

Trinity Apartments, Auckland, New Zealand (Architectus).

Solar Umbrella House, Venice, California (Pugh + Scarpa).

Beals' Residence, Atlanta, Georgia (Lightroom Studio).

Bush Residence, Atlanta, Georgia (Lightroom Studio).

Dominey Residence, Atlanta, Georgia (Lightroom Studio).

Lightcatcher, Atlanta, Georgia (Lightroom Studio).

Lightroom Studio, Decatur, Georgia (Lightroom Studio).

Carter Residence, Atlanta, Georgia (Lightroom Studio).

Shot-Trot House, Houston Texas (Brett Zamore).

Johnson-Jones Residence, Phoenix, Arizona (Eddie Jones).

The 4-Parts House, Seattle, Washington (Lead Pencil Studio).

Capitol Hill House, Seattle, Washington (Jim Burton).

DESIGNHabitat2 Initiative, Auburn, Alabama (David Hinson).

LivingHomes, Los Angeles, California (Ray Kappe).

CHAPTER 10  Teaching Design/Build: Studio 804 (Dan Rockhill).


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