George Washington's Leadership Lessons: What theFather of Our Country Can Teach Us About Effective Leadership and Character
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More About This Title George Washington's Leadership Lessons: What theFather of Our Country Can Teach Us About Effective Leadership and Character


From James Rees, Executive Director of Mount Vernon, comes anenlightening guide to the leadership wisdom of America's first great leader. George Washington was more than just an inspiring battlefield commander; he was critical to the founding and success of the United States ofAmerica. His leadership, his vision, and his courage united a war-torncountry and set the United States on the path to greatness. Washington's historic contribution to this nation--his leadership and his character--are as relevant and valuable today as they have ever been.

This book reveals Washington's character, his leadership, his vision, and most surprising of all, his business skills and acumen. Most people aren't awarethat Washington, while all of the above, was also a successful businessman and visionary entrepreneur.

Exhibiting qualities sorely lacking in so many of our political and business leaders today, Washington remained steadfastly honest and ethical,following guiding principles that would benefit leaders around the world. George Washington's Leadership Lessons reveals a man of true character,worthy of emulation not just in the realm of politics and war, but in allleadership positions.


JAMES C. REES has been the Executive Director of Mount Ver-non for the past thirteen years. He is also a former president of the Virginia Association of Museums and a past board member of the National Parks and History Foun-dation. He has previously worked at the National Trust for Historic Preservation and at the College of William & Mary.

STEPHEN SPIGNESI is the author of thirty-six nonfiction books and one acclaimed novel.


Preface: Footsteps to Follow xi

Acknowledgments xvii

Introduction: The Mark of a Leader xxi

PART I Leadership Lessons 1

Leadership Lesson 1 A Leader Has Vision 3

Leadership Lesson 2 A Leader Is Honest 11

Leadership Lesson 3 A Leader Has Ambition 19

Leadership Lesson 4 A Leader Is Courageous 27

Leadership Lesson 5 A Leader Has Self-Control 33

Leadership Lesson 6 A Leader Takes Personal Responsibility 39

Leadership Lesson 7 A Leader Is Determined 47

Leadership Lesson 8 A Leader Has a Strong Work Ethic 53

Leadership Lesson 9 A Leader Uses Good Judgment 59

Leadership Lesson 10 A Leader Learns from Mistakes 69

Leadership Lesson 11 A Leader Is Humble 77

Leadership Lesson 12 A Leader Does the Research and Development 85

Leadership Lesson 13 A Leader Values Presentation 91

Leadership Lesson 14 A Leader Exceeds Expectations 99

Leadership Lesson 15 A Leader Has Heartfelt Faith 103

PART II The Rules of Civility 111

PART III George Washington, Entrepreneur 145

Notes 183

Selected Bibliography 195

Resources 199

About the Authors 201

Index 203