Principles of Modern Digital Design
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More About This Title Principles of Modern Digital Design


A major objective of this book is to fill the gap between traditional logic design principles and logic design/optimization techniques used in practice. Over the last two decades several techniques for computer-aided design and optimization of logic circuits have been developed. However, underlying theories of these techniques are inadequately covered or not covered at all in undergraduate text books. This book covers not only the "classical" material found in current text books but also selected materials that modern logic designers need to be familiar with.


Parag K. Lala, PhD, DSc(Eng), is the Cary and Lois Patterson Chair of Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M University-Texarkana. Dr. Lala is the author of five books, including Fault-Tolerant and Fault-Testable Hardware Design and Practical Digital Logic Design and Testing. Dr. Lala was named a Fellow of the IEEE for "contributions to the development of self-checking logic and associated checker design." He is also a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, United Kingdom.


1. Number Systems and Binary Codes.

2. Fundamental Concepts of Digital Logic.

3. Combinational Logic Design.

4. Fundamentals of Synchronous Sequential Circuits.

5. VHDL in Digital Design.

6. Combinational Logic Design using VHDL.

7. Synchronous Sequential Circuit Design.

8. Counter Design.

9. Sequential Circuit Design using VHDL.

10. Asynchronous Sequential Circuits.

Appendix A. CMOS Logic.