The SMARTA Way To Do Business - By Entrepreneursfor Entrepreneurs - Your ultimate guide tostarting a business
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More About This Title The SMARTA Way To Do Business - By Entrepreneursfor Entrepreneurs - Your ultimate guide tostarting a business


The definitive guide to starting and running a small business

The Smarta Way to Do Business is the first definitive handbook for starting a business to bring you advice from real-world entrepreneurs who've been there, and done that. Packed with everything you need to know to start and run a successful business, straight from the UK's leading experts, this is the insider's guide YOU need to build a successful business right NOW.

Featuring exclusive interviews with anyone who's anyone in the world of entrepreneurship, including Theo Paphitis, Deborah Meaden, Duncan Bannatyne, Sarah Beeny, Doug Richard, Martha Lane Fox, Caprice, Sahar Hashemi, and more, the book also brings you unique insights from Peter Jones, Mike Clare, Julie Meyer, Rachel Elnaugh and many others!

Whether you're just starting out, looking to take your business to the next level or exploring how social media and emerging technologies could boost your customer sales, The Smarta Way to Do Business has the answers you're looking for.


SMARTA is a new platform for entrepreneurs and aims to shake-up the business support landscape. Innovative, intuitive and practical, Smarta will be where the UK does business.
Smarta was founded and is run and backed by some of the UK's top entrepreneurs, including TV's Dragon's Den judges Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden, and previous winners of the BBC's The Apprentice. At the heart of Smarta's approach is a belief that business owners learn best from each other. Built by entrepreneurs, Smarta understands what business people want and need.
The Smarta online platform is the complete start-up pack for entrepreneurs, and provides a one-stop-shop where new business owners can access all the business advice they need, when they need it. The network of entrepreneurs and experts, videos, guides and tools will inspire and support anyone starting their own business through every stage of the business journey; from business planning to raising finance and growth strategies.
Smarta is also a business social networking site. It delivers real-time access to 1000s of people running businesses; real business advice from business people that have been there and done it as well as access to live professional advice from lawyers, accountants and other services providers free of charge.


Foreword by Theo Paphitis.

Introduction: Been there, done that, DOING IT NOW.

1. The smartest businesses will start this decade.

1.1 New world order: All the rules have changed.

1.2 It’s never been easier to get ahead.

1.3 Age of the individual.

1.4 Social media = business.

1.5 Why big really isn't always better.

2. What smart businesses do.

2.1 Become the exception by being exceptional.

2.2 Stay ultra-lightweight and fl exible.

2.3 Put social media at the heart of everything.

2.4 Tell stories people want to hear.

2.5 Collaborate with other smart companies.

2.6 Worship the ground customers walk on.

2.7 Keep bottom-line a top priority.

2.8 Open in the right place, at the right time.

2.9 Make a big deal of the small things.

2.10 Keep it real and honest.

3. What smart people do.

3.1 Realise there’s only one Theo Paphitis.

3.2 Temper optimism with realism.

3.3 Stop making excuses and DO IT!

3.4 Build meaningful relationships.

3.5 Work hard, be nice.

3.6 Take calculated risks.

3.7 Kill negativity, nurture creativity.

3.8 Ditch the TV.

3.9 Make success personal.

3.10 Ask for help.

3.11 Work on the business, not in it.

3.12 Understand what people want.

4. How to build a smart business.

4.1 Know what you're doing and why you're doing it.

4.2 Remember ideas are cheap.

4.3 ID your business – make people care.

4.4 Know your customer inside-out.

4.5 Test, develop, test, develop, test ... .

4.6 Make sure the numbers add up.

4.7 Don’t assume it, prove it.

4.8 Write a business plan.

4.9 Realise you need cash – but you don’t need to roll in it.

4.10 Keep your friends and family.

4.11 Let the bank say 'yes'(they want to).

4.12 Look for a guardian angel (if you’re sure that you need one).

5. Work smart.

5.1 Focus on scary but attainable goals.

5.2 Don’t let cashflow kill you.

5.3 Drive profitability and productivity.

5.4 Relish the quick win.

5.5 Negotiate on a paperclip.

5.6 Embrace weaknesses.

5.7 Partner up to power on.

5.8 Deliver knock-out sales pitches.

5.9 Tweet your way to the big-time.

5.10 Don’t buy advertising.

5.11 Work your website harder.

6. Be smart.

6.1 Only do what you do best.

6.2 Don’t be a rock.

6.3 Build an A-team.

6.4 Share the vision, share the wealth.

6.5 Lead from the front.

6.6 DO sweat the small stuff.

6.7 Network your ass off.

6.8 Brand yourself.

6.9 Trust your instinct.


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