Freesourcing - How To Start a Business with NoMoney
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So you've got the drive to start a business. You might even have the Big Idea all mapped out. But then you realise that you've got no money to take it to the next stage. Back to the day job? No way. That's where Freesourcing comes in. Believe it or not, you don't need money to start a business. There's an entire industry out there waiting to help you take your idea and make it happen... for free.  All you need to know is where to find the help and how to get your hands on it.

Freesourcing is the definitive guide to free business start up resources, showing you exactly where to go and who to talk to when you're starting a business on a shoestring. Freesourcers don't just think outside the box - they find out where they can get the box for free too. You'll find information on free:

  • Premises
  • Money
  • Computers
  • Travel
  • Online resources
  • Stationery
  • Advice and support
  • Legal help
  • Banking
  • Networking opportunities
  • Marketing and PR
  • Stock

No cash? No problem. So what are you waiting for?


When inspiration, dedication and motivation meet head on, great things happen to people. When they met in the head of Jonathan Yates, they created a maverick entrepreneur who would go on to win awards, praise and accolades for his skill at grasping the concept of successful business.

Jonathan founded his won business, Santeau, in his back bedroom and sold the business four years later. Through dogged tenacity and unshakable self-belief, he has appeared in the national press and international radio on countless occasions, once having his top ten tips for business success compared to those of business mogul and chairman of TV show The Apprentice Lord Sugar. In the Sunday Times, Businessman and Dragons' Den stalwart Peter Jones praised Jonathan for his business instinct, saying "It won't be long before he gets a loyal following."

Jonathan has motivated many entrepreneurs into action with his regular seminars and professional speaking events. Using proven techniques and expertise, he shows people how and when to make the necessary adjustments to achieve their goals, and how to capture and control inspiration, dedication and motivation.

Jonathan is also the author of All-Time Essentials for Entrepreneurs (Capstone), a miscellany of essential facts, tips and advice that every entrepreneur needs to know to be successful. Written in the knowledge that entrepreneurs have to find valuable information quickly, the book harnesses the energy and inspiration of several books and provides the instant gratification that appeals to this market.

Jonathan is 40 and lives in Harrogate, North Yorkshire with his wife Lisa and their three boys, Harry, Fred and Patrick.



About This Book.

1 Use What You Have.


Family, friends and your social network.

What's lying around?



The art of barter.


Prices and negotiation.

The entrepreneurial advantage.

2 Setting Up the Foundations of Your Business.

Elevator pitch.

The Legal entity.

Using professional help.

Business plan.

A place to work.



Sourcing equipment.

Food for thought.

Business cards.

Making yourself look bigger than you are.

Protecting your ideas.

Trial business services.


3 IT and Communication.

Computer equipment.

Getting on the Internet.

Data storage and back-up.

Email and website.



Template documentation.

Professional business applications.

4 Help, Skills and Training.

Ask for help.

Get new skills.

Community skill sharing.

Find a mentor.

Motivate yourself.

5 Research, Innovation and Prototypes.


Generate great ideas.

Sell what you have.

Get money to turn ideas into products.

Start a business-to-business software company.

White labelling.

Getting stocked up.

6 Customers, Brands, Marketing and Sales.

Create your own brand.

Find customers.

Get publicity.

Obtain testimonials.

Read trade magazines.

Benefit from an army of sales people.

Get accredited.

Attend exhibitions.

Get paid in advance.

7 Growth and Next Steps.

Forms of growth capital.

Some inspiration.

Freestarts:  More Businesses You can Start for Free.

The 10 Rules of Freesourcing.



About the Author.