How to Have A Big Life - Sharing Simple Secretsof Success
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More About This Title How to Have A Big Life - Sharing Simple Secretsof Success


A successful entrepreneur and publisher reveals how anyone can finally have a big life

Founder of the McNab's Energy Tabs brand as well as his own publishing house, Pantsula Press, Rupert McKerron knows, as few do, how small dreams can morph into a big life. Not only is he a living example of the kind of success he espouses, his book How to Have a Big Life outlines the keys to that success, in a tone as frank and open as McKerron himself. Filled with clever and inspiring illustrations, as well as the hard-won wisdom and techniques that the author has used, and continues to use, to achieve success, this gem of a book will help people follow their bliss and lead the life they truly deserve.


Rupert McKerron is not your conventional businessman. He has spent years trying to find ways to use energy in a constructive way.
Rupert's Big Life story began in London where he had a good job as a bank merchant. Financially, everything was going well but on a physical level, Rupert was spent and was eventually diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Recovering back home in South Africa, Rupert began to understand the power of good nutrition and positive thinking. This led him to the creation of McNab's Energy Tabs, the only caffeine-free energy sachet with all the nutrients necessary to cope with the stresses of our modern lifestyles.
Recently, Rupert spoke at a wellness group about his story and realised that everyone’s questions were similar – how do I find my passion? Since then Rupert has become an outspoken spokesperson on the effects and affects of using energy in all spheres, in a constructive way. Rupert has put a voice to his journey and is keen to assist others with finding their unique talent and passion in life!


How to have a Big Life.

How the little voices works.

How to find your prupose in life.

How to achieve goals.

Tips to reaching your goals.

Taking responsibility for your life.

The present.

Abundant thinking.

Fear of success.

Do your best.

Do what is right for you.


Self confidence.



The essence of life.


"Compulsory reading for every person who really wants to know what lies at the heart of a happy and successful life."—Robin Sieger, bestselling author of Natural Born Winners

"This magical little book gives you the courage to go for a chosen path, ‘your Everest’. Brilliant."—Rebecca Stephens, first British woman to climb Everest and the Seven Summits

"Simplicity and space. Like Rupert’s book, the answers to big questions in life are so much closer than we realize."—Kate Burton, professional coach and co-author of Building Self-Confidence for Dummies

"A visual recipe for living life [that] you will come back to frequently [and] will instantly move you to a place of quiet reflection. Give this book to everyone!"—Jim Horan, author/president of The One Page Business Plan Company

"Invaluable for anyone starting out on life’s adventure or just looking for a quiet reminder."—Sir Christopher Ondaatje, author, financier, and trustee of The National Portrait Gallery

"I’d recommend [this] to anyone looking to push life to the next level. Enjoy it."—Craig Tiley, Australian Open Tournament Director, Tennis Australia Director of Tennis