Stop Making Excuses and Start Living With Energy+CD
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Want to energise your life? Need a bit more get up and go? Fed up with the Friday night collaspse or the 4 o’clock wobbles? Never have the energy to seize the day?  

We all have the potential for boundless energy and Alyssa Abbey is here to show us how to unleash it. Kiss goodbye to the exhausted evenings flopped on the sofa and say hello to life, love and happiness. Learn how to banish those excuses and increase your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual energy. Stop Making Excuses and Start Living With Energy is packed with worksheets, questionnaires and top tips to help you compile a practical and realistic plan for vitality and happiness. At last, simple answers to making busy people feel better!


Alyssa Abbey is an energy management expert and broadcaster with nearly 20 years experience of helping people to create sustainable energy levels. Her challenging but humorous style has prompted thousands to reframe the way they perceive energy and to create an unstoppable momentum toward a better quality of life.

Alyssa is a busy working mother and understands the challenges of maintaining energizing habits alongside career, study or caring responsibilities. Her work as a BUPA Stress Management Consultant takes her into many high-pressure corporate environments, but she works with all walks of life in her private Vitality practice, Live with Energy -




Part I: Living With Energy.

1. What do you really want?

2. Connecting to what you value.

3. The Four energies.

4. Energy sources and sappers.

Part II: No More Excuses!

5. Excuses, excuses.

6. What’s really stopping you?

7. Mind your language.

8. Accepting what you have to give up to get what you want.

Part III: Vitality Now! 15 Essential Energy Strategies.

9. What is Vitality for you.

Mental Energy.

10. Visualise to energise.

11. Banish mental gremlins.

12. Get in control!

13. Affirmations and celebrations.

14. Get creative.

Physical Energy.

15. Exit sloth, enter fox.

16. Eat, drink and be energised!

17. Sleeping beauty.

18. Relax to renew.

19. Have a break.

Emotional Energy.

20. Know yourself.

21. Energy-giving relationships.

22. Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

Spirit Energy.

23. Get a life!

24. Learn your life lessons.

Part IV: Action Plans You Actually Take Action On.

25. Filling your vitality vessel.

26. Steps to taking action and LOVING IT!

27. Decision time.

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