Cardiac Care - An Introductory Text
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More About This Title Cardiac Care - An Introductory Text


Cardiac Care provides a quick and simple reference guide for clinicians to enable them to provide effective and evidence-based practice in cardiac care. This book recognizes that most people suffering from chronic heart disease are cared for outside specialist coronary care units and it is very difficult for clinicians new to cardiac care to ensure an adequate knowledge base in all areas.  As such, a wide variety of nurses and other health professionals require a comprehensive, accessible resource to understand this disease.  This book is written by experienced clinicians who are able to take the reader step-by-step through the patient journey, providing an overview of the fundamental aspects of cardiac care.


Ian Jones, President, British Association for Nursing in Cardiac Care and Lecturer in Cardiac Nursing, University of Salford, UK.





Chapter 1. The physiology and pathophysiology of the cardiovascular system (F. Gascoigne). 

Chapter 2. Primary prevention (B. Asatourian).

Chapter 3. Chest pain assessment in the pre-admission setting (A. Saycell).

Chapter 4. Care of the patient with acute coronary syndrome in the accident and emergency department (D. Vickers & I. Jones).

Chapter 5. Drugs affecting the cardiovascular system (I. Jones & E. Lawson).

Chapter 6. Resuscitation (D. Parkinson).

Chapter 7. Care of the patient with acute coronary syndrome in the coronary care unit (I. Jones).

Chapter 8. Electrocardiography and cardiac rhythm recognition in practice-the basics (B. Parr & M. Lappin).

Chapter 9. Common investigations in the management of patients with coronary heart disease (G. Blanchard & I. Jones).

Chapter 10. Cardiac interventions (G. Blanchard, et al.).

Chapter 11. Cardiac surgery (C. Rimmer, et al.).

Chapter 12. Cardiac rehabilitation (P. Bithell & M. Gaston).

Chapter 13. Management of the patient with Chronic heart failure (A. Dormer).