Don't Wait for Your Ship to Come In... Swim Out to Meet it - Tools and Techniques for PositiveLasting Change
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More About This Title Don't Wait for Your Ship to Come In... Swim Out to Meet it - Tools and Techniques for PositiveLasting Change


For those battle-scarred veterans of self-help books, psychologist Dr Gary Wood has answers that actually work. He argues that for real changes in the life of real people we need real psychology. In Don't Wait for Your Ship to Come In, Swim Out to Meet It, he presents an end to 'yo-yo self helping.  This is a complete step-by-step program for personal development, based on the life-coaching techniques and evidence-based psychology that have made him immensely popular on British radio, TV and magazines. Written in his trademark, fun, conversational Dr Wood offers a wealth of tools and techniques for positive lasting change illustrated with exercises, quizzes and anecdotes. It covers everything from relaxation, to self-talk, to creative visualization, to goal setting. It also contains tools for enhancing anyone's creative capacity for change and overcoming self-sabotage. Throughout, the book focuses on personal strengths and solutions and contains tools for conducting a complete life review. Dr Gary Wood offers the challenge 'It's your life so take it personally'. This comprehensive, practical guide is a must for anyone who is truly serious about personal growth, empowerment and change.


Dr Gary Wood [BSc (Hons), PgC, PhD, FHEA] is a social psychologist, author, life coach, and broadcaster. Combining an engaging and accessible approach with a solid academic background he specializes in communicating psychological insight on all aspects of human social life to a wider audience. Increasingly the need for down-to-earth evidence-based expertise finds him working in diverse arenas from the press, to radio, television and theatre, to corporate consultancy, and of course, the lecture room. He has taught psychology to students at all levels of higher education, in several UK universities and colleges. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Dr Wood has also worked with the Learning and Skills council to promote to encourage adults back to learning.

He regularly appears on radio and television offering expert analysis and coaching tips, and is widely quoted in newspapers and magazines. He has featured on the TrishaGoddard (Channel Five) show as part of her 'Campaign for Change' team, on Big Brother'sLittle Brother and on Moneyspinners. he is a regular panellist on Five Live'sThe Late Show and has appeared on Woman' s  Hour. He has been a featured agony uncle in eve magazine and is the life editor for health and style website, Mansized. Dr wood contributes quizzes and articles to a range of publications and is author of Sex, Lies and Stereotypes.

As well as lecturing, he runs his own research consultancy, training and coaching practice. In his spare time he eats, sleeps...and occasionally sings!

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The Intro.

Part One: From Insight to Ownership.

Chapter One: New Eyes: New Landscapes.

You, the viewing and the doing.

Chapter Two: Swimming Lessons.

Feedback not failure.

Chapter Three: Ducking and Diving.

You are what you value.

Chapter Four: SOS!

Support our strengths.

Part Two: From Ownership to Action.

Chapter Five: Lucidity and Stillness.

The opposite of stress.

Chapter Six: Getting in the Flow of Things.

Ready, steady, goal!

Chapter Seven: All That You Ever Imagined It Would Be...

Creative visualization, imagery and mental rehearsal.

Chapter Eight: Water Wings or Concrete Galoshes?

The power of self-talk.

Part Three: Less Distraction, More Action.

Chapter Nine: Don’t Rock the Boat!

Overcoming self-sabotage.

Chapter Ten: A Drop in the Ocean.

The power of contribution.

The Outro.

Further Reading and Resources.