Bear Hunt - Earn Your Living by Doing What YouLove
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"I've been lucky enough to earn my living doing what I love. Bear Hunt offers a route for others to do the same." Sir Bobby Charlton.

"Malcolm McClean's work is an inspiration, simple, effective and clear. For anyone who has ever wanted to change their work and their life, this book will get you on track. Malcolm McClean has 'original thinker' written on his face. If he says something, believe him, it works." Kate Marlow, Presenter, Channel Four's Reality Check.

"I shudder to think what might have been had my post-graduate applications to the Post Office or the Inland Revenue been successful. I am doubly blessed that my career, being amply paid for doing what I love, wasn't really intended. How refreshing that Malcolm McClean offers a more structured path towards such rewards." Alan Green, Football Commentator, BBC 5 Live.

Wouldn't it be great to never have to work again? That’s what it’s like when you’re doing something you love - it isn't work, it's fun. Bear Hunt is about turning that dream into reality. Eight simple yet startling insights provide the formula that can lead you towards your goal, starting with helping you to discover what it is that motivates and stimulates you.

Bear Hunt is your path to discovering a life you’ll love. Just like the family in the children’s story, We’re Going On A Bearhunt, when you are searching for something big, beautiful and frightening you will come up against many obstacles. To achieve a life that you can love you have to stop tinkering around at the edges and have the courage to smash through them. Bear Hunt is about creating the spirit, knowledge, skills, creativity and desire to overcome all barriers to happiness and fulfilment.


Malcolm McClean exchanged his successful consultancy business and 15th century home for a caravan in the middle of a field to discover what was important to him and concentrate on his core values. He founded Bearhunt in 1999 with the basic premise of doing 'Great Things with Great People,' and has become one of the country's top social entrepreneurs. He has been profiled on Radio 4 Changing Places for his response to regenerating neighbourhoods and he has been awarded an award for his innovation in tacking depression through sport.


1. How to earn you living by doing what you love.

2. Love saves the day - how to rediscover you passions.

3. You are what you believe - how imagery can transform your life.

4. The sticky ball principle and the power of connection.

5. Luck be a lady tonight - applying the science of luck.

6. Deveop ypur millionaire mind.

7. The like an eight-year-old.

8. Does Van Nistelrooy slouch? Learn to get yourself into the zone.

9. Change your world - how small things make a big difference.

10. Aha, Ker-Ching.

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"...eight simple, yet startling insights, provide the formula that can lead you to a life that you can love." (Greenock Telegraph, 6th Aug 05)

"'s worked for him (the author, perhaps it could work for you too..." (Cheshire life, February 06)