Smart Things to Know About Lifelong Learning
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It is clear that new jobs demanding old skills will not materialize; new jobs require new skills. It is up to the individual to ensure they are appropriately skilled throughout their careers - as governments and organizations are generally slow to respond to these issues.
Lifelong learning is the key to longevity within the workplace and the essential foundation of the learning organization. Those who develop the ability to continuously learn will inherit the organization of the future. In doing so they will be able to adapt more readily to the changing business environment and maintain their upward careers.
Smart Things to Know about Lifelong Learning gives readers a deep understanding of the value of continuous learning, and shows how best to turn it to personal and organizational advantage.


Andrew Holmes is a Director with PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Risk Management Solutions. He has consulted in a large number of UK, overseas and global companies. He specializes in operational strategy, programme and project management and IT. He is a regular speaker on issues associated with project management, risk management, IT and consultancy and has published a number of papers and books on these subjects. He is the author of two books in the ExpressExec series and Smart Things to Know About Technology Management.


What is Smart?

Introduction – It’s Time to Wise Up.

1 Why All the Fuss?

2 Are You Ready?

3 It’s All About Knowledge.

4 How We Learn.

5 What Should Lifelong Learning Cover?

6 Developing Your Lifelong Learning Strategy.

7 Implementing Your Strategy.

8 Success.