ABC of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 3e
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This new edition of Occupational and Environmental Medicine concentrates more on the newer kinds of occupational disease including those (like “RSI” and pesticide poisoning) where exposure and effects are difficult to understand. There is specific emphasis on work, health and wellbeing, with links to public health, health promotion, the value of work, disabled people at work, the aging workforce, vocational rehabilitation, evidence based practice, and further chapters on the health effects of climate change and of occupational health and safety in relation to migration and terrorism.


David Snashall, Professor of Occupational Medicine, King’s College London,

Honorary Consultant and Clinical Director, Occupational Health and Safety Services, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK

Dipti Patel, Consultant Occupational Health Physician, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London, Director of Clinical Services, Medical Advisory Services for Traveller's Abroad


Contributors vii

Preface ix

1 Hazards of Work 1
David Snashall

2 HealthWork and Wellbeing 7
Nerys Williams

3 Assessing theWork Environment 11
Keith T. Palmer and David Coggon

4 Practising Occupational Health 17
Anil Adisesh

5 Legal Aspects 24
Martyn Davidson

6 Ethics 31
Paul Litchfield

7 Fitness for Work 36
William Davies

8 Musculoskeletal Disorders 45
Kim Burton and Nicholas Kendall

9 Mental Health 51
Samuel B. Harvey and Max Henderson

10 Skin Disorders 59
Ian R. White

11 Respiratory Disorders 63
Ira Madan and Paul Cullinan

12 Infections 68
Dipti Patel

13 Occupational Cancers 80
John Hobson

14 Disorders of Uncertain Aetiology 88
Andy Slovak

15 Physical Agents 94
Ron McCaig

16 Ergonomics and Human Factors 107
Joanne O. Crawford

17 Genetics and Reproduction 113
Nicola Cherry

18 The AgeingWorkforce 117
Sarah Harper

19 Travel 122
Derek R. Smith Peter A. Leggat and Dipti Patel

20 Emerging Issues 129
Judy Sng and David Koh

21 Pollution 135
Robert Maynard

22 Global Health 140
Paolo Vineis

Index 149


It is extremely good value for its price as each chapter has been extensively researched and updated and has suggestions and references for further reading to explore the subject material in more detail.”  (Journal of Occupational Medicine, 30 May 2013)