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Learn to produce a web site that stands out from the crowd

One of the web designer's greatest challenges is to create a site distinctive enough to get noticed among the millions of sites already on the web. This book examines the bond between code, content and visuals to guide you through the factors that increase your design's visibility, usability and beauty. Using this practical advice, even web designers who lack strong artistic skills can develop super sites that strengthen the message and stand out from the crowd.

  • Most books focus primarily on graphic design principles; this one shows you how to maximize and prioritize every design decision to help your site achieve its primary purpose: showcasing your content and services
  • Explores the bond between code, content and visuals to guide you through the factors that increase your design's visibility, usability and beauty
  • Enables even artistically challenged web designers to create elegant, functional layouts that attract visitors and are user-friendly

Every web designer can benefit from this practical advice on creating an informative, attractive, easy-to-use site that gets noticed.


Alexander Dawson (Shoreham-By-Sea, UK) is an award winning web professional, and writer with more than 10 years of industry experience. He spends his days running his web consultancy firm, writing professionally about web design, and giving his free time to assist others in the field. Alexander has contributed to leading sites including Smashing Magazine, Six Revisions and SitePoint, and is a member of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers he actively promotes and advocates the benefits of a good user-experience and web standards.


Introducing distinctive design.

Motives and Motivation.

A Primer on Distinction.

Great Expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Book Conventions.

E-Book Bonus Chapters.

Down The Rabbit Hole We Go!

Part I: Designing for the Web.

CHAPTER 1: The Distinction of Web Design.

CHAPTER 2: Designing for Different Devices.

Part II: The Art of Distinctive Documentation.

CHAPTER 3: Principles of Information Design.

CHAPTER 4: Design Concepts and Theories.

Part III: Implementing Design Theory.

CHAPTER 5: Introducing Design Psychology.

CHAPTER 6: Sculpting a User Interface.

Part IV: User-Centered Considerations.

CHAPTER 7: Promoting User Interaction.

CHAPTER 8: The Foundations of User Experience.

Part V: Designing for Ubiquitous Users.

CHAPTER 9: The Construct of Usability.

CHAPTER 10: Focusing Facets of Findability.


BONUS CHAPTER 1: Understanding Information Architecture.

BONUS CHAPTER 2: The Influence of Sociology.

BONUS CHAPTER 3: Accessibility: Removing Disability.