Managing Human Resources - Human ResourceManagement in Transition 5e
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More About This Title Managing Human Resources - Human ResourceManagement in Transition 5e


This revised edition is a comprehensive, authoritative set of essays. It is more detailed and analytical than the mainstream treatments of HRM.

As in previous editions, Managing Human Resources analyses HRM, the study of work and employment, using an integrated multi-disciplinary approach. The starting point is a recognition that HRM practice and firm performance are influenced by a variety of institutional arrangements that extend beyond the firm. The consequences of HRM need to incorporate analysis of employees and other stakeholders as well as the implications for organizational performance.


Stephen Bach and Martin Edwards are from the HRM group in the department of management. King’s College London, one of the largest concentrations of HRM specialists in the UK, which has in a relatively short-time become one of the leading centres of HRM research.


Notes on Contributors vii

List of Figures ix

List of Tables x

List of Boxes xi

Part I Introduction 1

1. Human Resource Management in Transition 3
Martin R. Edwards and Stephen Bach

2. Human Resource Management and Performance 18
Paul Boselie

3. Legal Aspects of the Employment Relationship 37
Graeme Lockwood and Kevin Williams

Part II Context 59

4. Corporate Governance and Human Resource Management 61
Andrew Pendleton and Howard Gospel

5. The International Human Resource Function 79
Tony Edwards and Anthony Ferner

6. Customer Service Work, Employee Well-being and Performance 100
Stephen Deery and Vandana Nath

Part III Resourcing and Development 123

7. Recruitment and Selection 125
Jane Bryson, Susan James and Ewart Keep

8. Work–Life Balance: The End of the 'Overwork' Culture? 150
Janet Walsh

9. Skills and Training 178
Irena Grugulis

10. HRM and Leadership 198
Deanne N. Den Hartog and Corine Boon

Part IV Performance and Rewards 219

11. Performance Management 221
Stephen Bach

12. Remuneration Systems 243
Ian Kessler

13. Employee Involvement and Voice 268
Adrian Wilkinson, Tony Dundon and Mick Marchington

14. Employee Representation 289
Stephanie Tailby

Part V Process and Outcomes 315

15. Outsourcing and Human Resource Management 317
Virginia Doellgast and Howard Gospel

16. Employee Engagement: An Evidence-based Review 336
Riccardo Peccei

17. HRM and Employee Well-being 364
Michael Clinton and Marc van Veldhoven

18. Employer Branding: Developments and Challenges 389
Martin R. Edwards

Index 411