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Take control of your home accounting!

Accounting from home can be a difficult task—but not an impossible one with the right tools. Home Accountz For Dummies shows you exactly how to use the UK's number one home finance software to look after household expenditures and effectively budget for a positive future. Author Quentin Pain shows you the ins and outs of managing your money with Home Accountz and this easy-to-understand book provides you with the tools you need to predict future financial capabilities.

  • Explains installation, setup, creating accounts, and connecting to banks
  • Teaches you how to effectively understand accounts, import data from other software, and set up budgets
  • Explores importing data from software such as Microsoft Money, Quicken, or spreadsheets
  • Covers dealing with transactions in foreign currencies
  • Addresses setting up automatic transactions
  • Shows how to watch where your money goes with customizable reports

Home Accountz For Dummies is a fun, easy to use guide that takes the chore out of home accounting and puts you in control of your money.


Quentin Pain is the creator of the UK's best-selling home accounting software, Home Accountz, and founder of Accountz.com. Quentin is a member of the British Computer Society, the Institute of Analysts and Programmers, and the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. David Bradforth has been published in numerous magazines and has edited magazines such as eBay Advisor and Essential Web Site Creator. John Taylor has edited the magazines Windows Made Easy and PC Home, among others.


Introduction  1

Part I: The Big Picture  5

Chapter 1: Accounting for Your Finances 7

Chapter 2: Getting Started with Home Accountz 13

Chapter 3: Simplifying Your Accounts with the eaZy Button 27

Chapter 4: Backing Up and Filing 49

Chapter 5: Using Tools to Keep Track of Your Finances 61

Chapter 6: Confi guring Home Accountz 73

Part II: Setting Up Your Accounts  91

Chapter 7: Coming to Grips with Home Accountz 93

Chapter 8: Changing Your Accounts Structure 103

Chapter 9: Importing from Other Programs 113

Part III: Exploring Transactions  123

Chapter 10: Recording Transactions with Templates 125

Chapter 11: Going International with Foreign Currencies 135

Chapter 12: Working with Your Data143

Chapter 13: Working with Automated Transactions 155

Part IV: Managing Your Money  167

Chapter 14: Using Views and Tables 169

Chapter 15: Visualizing Your Information with Graphs and Charts 177

Chapter 16: Exporting and Printing Reports and Charts 187

Chapter 17: Creating Report Designs with the Documents Component 195

Chapter 18: Keeping Track of Your Finances 211

Part V: The Part of Tens  219

Chapter 19: Ten Most Confusing Home Accounting Terms 221

Chapter 20: Ten Solutions to Home Accountz Problems227

Chapter 21: Ten (or So) Ways to Use Rapid Data Entry Effectively 237

Chapter 22: Ten Tips for Setting Up Your Budgets and Sticking to Them 243

Appendix: Glossary of Accounting Terms  251

Index  273