Principal Component Neural Networks: Theory and Applications
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More About This Title Principal Component Neural Networks: Theory and Applications


Systematically explores the relationship between principal component analysis (PCA) and neural networks. Provides a synergistic examination of the mathematical, algorithmic, application and architectural aspects of principal component neural networks. Using a unified formulation, the authors present neural models performing PCA from the Hebbian learning rule and those which use least squares learning rules such as back-propagation. Examines the principles of biological perceptual systems to explain how the brain works. Every chapter contains a selected list of applications examples from diverse areas.


K. I. Diamantaras is a research scientist at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece. He received his PhD from Princeton University and was formerly a research scientist for Siemans Corporate Research.

S. Y. Kung is Professor of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University and received his PhD from Stanford University. He was formerly a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Southern California.


A Review of Linear Algebra.

Principal Component Analysis.

PCA Neural Networks.

Channel Noise and Hidden Units.

Heteroassociative Models.

Signal Enhancement Against Noise.

VLSI Implementation.