In Search of Ancient North America: An Archaeological Journey to Forgotten Cultures
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More About This Title In Search of Ancient North America: An Archaeological Journey to Forgotten Cultures


Almost unimaginably immense, North America stretches from a fewdegrees short of the North Pole to a few degrees shy of theequator. Archaeologists are now racing to unravel the mysteriouspast of the forgotten peoples who once inhabited this sprawlingland. In Search of Ancient North America explores many of thesescientists' most fascinating findings as Heather Pringle chroniclesher journeys among the ancient sites of Canada and the UnitedStates. Her enthralling voyage of discovery uncovers the richnessof now-vanished cultures and illuminates the intriguing world ofarchaeology itself.

Journeying from the mosquito-infested forests of the far north tothe bleak deserts of the American Southwest, Pringle accompaniesleading archaeologists and their crews into the field. At theBluefish Caves in the northern Yukon, Jacques Cinq-Mars chases downclues to an Ice Age mystery; at the "immense geometric riddle" thatis Hopeton Earthworks, Mark Lynott scours the countryside forvestiges of ancient village life; in the thorny wilderness of theLower Pecos, Solveig Turpin deciphers the enigmatic rock artpainted more than 3,000 years ago.

What emerges from Pringle's accounts are surprising portraits oflong-lost cultures--the rapacious mariners of southern Californiawho nearly wiped out one of the world's most productive ecosystems;the wealthy nobles of British Columbia who wore salmon-skin shoesand counted their wealth in bottles of salmon oil; the powerfullords of the Mississippi River who won the adoration of theirfollowers with a mysterious medicinal tonic. Equally intriguing arethe controversial new theories that the author presents on a hostof subjects, from the origins of art and hallucinogenic drugs tothe rise of private property, the identities of the earliest NewWorld migrants, and the astonishing extent of trade in prehistoricNorth America.

Complemented by superb color and black-and-white photographs, InSearch of Ancient North America blends incisive science journalismwith evocative travel writing to bring the latest archaeologicalfindings and interpretations to light. Delving into the previouslyunmined saga of this vast continent's lost and extinct cultures,this captivating book is a thrilling invitation to endlessdiscovery.

"Drawing on some of the latest archaeological research, Pringle'sbook is vivid, witty, and responsible in a field too often filledby cranks and bores. All who are curious about life in NorthAmerica before the European invasion will find the book astimulating introduction." -- Ronald Wright author of StolenContinents

"In Search of Ancient North America brings the distant past muchcloser and its inhabitants almost become neighbors to us onceagain. A first-rate examination of the mystery and fascination ofmodern archaeological research in North America." -- Farley Mowatauthor of The People of the Deer

"Captures the essence of what archaeologists are learning aboutNorth American prehistory. The book is a pleasure to read and willinspire a new awareness of the importance of the history of NorthAmerica prior to European contact." -- Bruce Trigger author of TheChildren of Aataentsic


HEATHER PRINGLE is a science journalist based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a longtime field correspondent for Equinox magazine and has won numerous awards for her writing, including a National Magazine Award in Canada. She has contributed articles to Omni, National Geographic Traveler, New Scientist, Geo, and Saturday Night.


Dark Passages: Bluefish Caves, Yukon Territory.

Ultramarine: Eel Point, California.

The Rapture: The Lower Pecos, Texas.

The Nouveaux Riches: Keatley Creek, British Columbia.

Ture Believers: Hopeton Earthworks, Ohio.

Desert Prophets: Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

Lord of the Black Drink: Cahokia, Illinois.

Killing Fields: Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta.

Vale of Tears: Ball Site Ontario.


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