Reengineering Human Resources
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A survival guide to the human resources reengineeringrevolution

Sparked by the new information technologies, a revolution is aboutto take place in the way human resource services are organized,staffed, and delivered. To prepare HR professionals for theseradical changes, Reengineering Human Resources provides acomprehensive guide to the basic concepts, processes, andtechnologies that are driving this change. In a clear, concisepresentation illustrated with numerous real-life examples, thisunique book gives the reader:
* A detailed primer on the new information technologies, includingspecific human resource uses of the personal computer, interactiveinformation systems, CD-ROMs, personal digital assistants,networks, and more
* An explanation of the basic concepts of reengineering, how it canbe implemented, and how to weigh costs and benefits--complete withwork flow graphics and spreadsheet templates
* Detailed advice on staffing--the competencies HR professionalswill need in order to succeed and how employee competencies willchange with reengineered work
* Specific cases of how human resource functions will be performedafter reengineering, including examples of recordkeeping,succession planning, performance management, training anddevelopment, employment practices, and more

Human resources management is on the brink of radicaltransformation and the instrument of that transformation isinformation technology.

Starting with this provocative premise, Reengineering HumanResources offers human resource professionals an eye-openingintroduction to the changes that are about to affect theorganization, staffing, and delivery of human resource services.For those who are prepared to take full advantage of the newtechnology, it will mean dramatic increases in productivity andimpressive decreases in cost, as well as vastly improved servicesand greater client satisfaction. In a real sense, the field ofhuman resources is undergoing a revolution.

Written by management expert Lyle M. Spencer specifically for humanresource professionals, this book shows how new technologies,reengineered work processes, and retrained employees will bringabout this revolution. Although it assumes no technical expertise,Reengineering Human Resources brings the reader up to speed on thelatest hardware and software applications, including personalcomputers, interactive voice response systems, personal digitalassistants, CD-ROMs, expert systems, information networks, and muchmore.

Not just a description of these changes, this important bookprovides complete "how-to" instructions for reengineering,including activity-based costing, value analysis, and work flowcharting. It describes the radical new approaches to organizingwork made possible by combining traditional work analysis methodswith advances in information technology. Specific cases ofreengineered human resource functions, including recordkeeping,employee health care benefits, performance management, training,compensation, and labor relations are illustrated with real-lifeexamples. An entire chapter describes the ways employeecompetencies will change in the reengineered organizations and jobsof the future. Information on implementing these changes explainshow to calculate both the costs and benefits ofreengineering.

Timely, authoritative, and compelling, Reengineering HumanResources offers human resource professionals the opportunity toshape the future of their workplace and their profession.


LYLE M. SPENCER, Jr., Ph.D., is Managing Director, Hay McBer Center for Research and Technology. His previous books include Competence at Work: Models for Superior Performance and Calculating HR Costs and Benefits, both published by Wiley.


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