The Global Environment and the Construction Industry: Strategies and Opportunities
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More About This Title The Global Environment and the Construction Industry: Strategies and Opportunities


How to profit from construction's new international businessopportunity--the environment Today, no construction industrymanager or decision-maker can ignore the environmental movement andthe big international business opportunities it's creating. Tohelp, this comprehensive resource covers the major trends and keylegislation that increasingly affect every aspect of constructionactivity, offering perspective, insight, and concreteguidance--including.
* Complete discussions of the most important environmentalconstruction issues and the policies and regulations you need toknow to service current clients and better identify new businessopportunities
* Full descriptions of new environmental techniques andtechnologies, such as on- and off-site decontamination, specializedtoxic substance treatments, and groundwater contaminationcountermeasures
* Insightful analyses of the markets that offer the bestopportunities for the U.S. construction industry, includingopenings in environmental clean-up projects for traditionalconstruction services--site planning, project management, earthmoving, and transportation of materials
* Marketplace breakdowns with abundant data and analyses for trendsand opportunities in the U.S., the EEC, Pacific Rim, and formerSoviet bloc
The environment has become a powerful market force in construction.Global Construction and the Environment shows you how to turn thisforce into a source of competitive advantage for your firm.


About the Author DR. FRED MOAVENZADEH is the George Macomber Professor of Construction Engineering and Management and Director of the Center for Construction Research and Education at M.I.T. His professional field of interest is construction engineering and management, with a primary focus on international construction, construction finance, and strategic management. He has taught the basic courses in construction, facility design, and engineering and management of infrastructures, both in the Department of Civil Engineering at M.I.T. and at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. Over the past twenty-five years, Dr. Moavenzadeh has directed a series of research programs relating to construction engineering and management, both in the U.S. and in developing countries. These include: international construction finance; merger and acquisition in the construction industry; nature and organization of construction in the U.S.; and comparative studies of U.S. construction with that of Europe, Japan, and Korea. Most recently, he conducted a major study on the globalization of construction firms and the need for restructuring of the construction industry in light of recent changes in the global market and new developments in the information and communication fields. Currently, Dr. Moavenzadeh is the Principal Investigator of the Research Consortium on Global Environment and the Construction Industry. The Consortium is concerned with identifying market opportunities in the environmental field for engineering and construction companies. In addition, the Consortium is concerned with identifying technological developments for environmental remediation and source control.


Environment and the Construction Industry.

Industrial Perspectives and Initiatives.

Environmental Policy and Regulations.

Technological Challenges and Opportunities.

Environmental Markets.

Shifting Attitudes Create Opportunities for Construction.

Corporate Strategies and Future Trends.