Alcohol-Related Violence - Prevention andTreatment
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New in the Wiley Series in Forensic Clinical Psychology, Alcohol-Related Violence: Prevention and Treatment presents an authoritative collection of the most recent assessment and treatment strategies for alcohol-related aggression and violence.

  • Features contributions from leading international academics and practitioners
  • Offers invaluable guidance for practitioners regarding intervention to reduce alcohol-related aggression and violence
  • Describes evidence-based interventions at a number of levels, including populations, bar room, families, couples, and individuals


Mary McMurran is Professor in the University of Nottingham's Institute of Mental Health. She has authored more than 100 academic articles and book chapters, many of which address the assessment and treatment of alcohol-related aggression, is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and is also a recipient of the BPS Division of Forensic Psychology's Lifetime Achievement Award.


About the Editor vii

Contributors ix

Foreword xi

Series Editors’ Preface xv


1 The Problem of Alcohol-Related Violence: An Epidemiological and Public Health Perspective 3
Ingeborg Rossow and Elin K. Bye

2 Alcohol-Related Violence: An International Perspective 19
Fernanda Cestaro Prado Cortez and Danilo Antonio Baltieri


3 Alcohol and Aggression: Theories and Mechanisms 37
Peter R. Giancola

4 Alcohol and Violence in Evolutionary Perspective 61
Russil Durrant

5 Alcohol and Violence in Developmental Perspective 81
Rick Howard and Mary McMurran


6 Alcohol-Related Violence as Alcohol-Related Crime: Policing, Policy and the Law 105
Gavin Dingwall

7 Barroom Approaches to Prevention 125
Alasdair J.M. Forsyth


8 Interventions with Children and Families 153
Donald Forrester and Georgia Glynn

9 Treatments for Offenders of Intimate Partner Violence 171
Caroline J. Easton

10 Alcohol Arrest Referral 187
Katie McCracken and Franco Sassi

11 Treatments for Offenders in Prison and the Community 205
Mary McMurran

12 Treatment for Alcohol-Related Sexual Violence 227
Ruth E. Mann and Mark Farmer

13 Treatments for Offenders with Dual Diagnosis 249
Amy Cohn and Kim T. Mueser

14 Alcohol Use and Offending in People with Intellectual Disability 285
William R. Lindsay, Samantha Tinsley and Medhat Emara

15 Treatments for Alcohol-Related Impaired Driving 303
Thomas G. Brown and Marie Claude Ouimet


16 Alcohol-Related Violence: An Endnote 337
Mary McMurran

Index 341


“This can be found in the autobiographies of many reformed characters from the field. The perspectives in this collection do, however, provide progressive insights into a pragmatic way forward for those battling away in their professional lives against the harm involved in alcohol-related violence.”  (The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 5 June 2014)

“This is a useful and instructive book, with all the information laid out in an accessible way. Its practical and versatile nature means it will ‘hit the spot’ for a diverse range of readers – policymakers, health and social-care commissioners, researchers and students of alcohol studies, and practitioners in this field, especially those working with offenders in prison and elsewhere within the criminal justice system.”  (DrugLink, 1 July 2013)

“The book’s key strength is in the breadth of approaches presented, and it represents a strong step towards a more integrated approach to studying and reducing alcohol-related violence."  (Addiction, 4 June 2013) 


The strong association between alcohol consumption and violence is undeniable but complex and a large scientific literature has attempted to clarify the relationship between them. This comprehensive text goes farther than any I have seen in illuminating the nature of the link and exploring implications for the treatment and prevention of alcohol-related violence.  It is essential reading both for those interested in reducing a major component of alcohol-related harm and those interested in reducing interpersonal violence. —Nick Heather, Professor Emeritus, Northumbria University

In addition to being an excellent research in her own right, Mary McMurran is a skilled editor who has worked tirelessly to promote evidence-based practice in corrections and forensic mental health. She knows how to identify hot topics, recruit top-notch authors, and ensure chapter contributions are both scientifically sound and practically useful. This volume is a perfect example. Whether you work on the front lines, as an administrator, or as a researcher or policy analyst, brace yourself: Reading this book will make you rethink how you you deliver services to violent offenders with alcohol use problems. —Professor Stephen D Hart, Simon Fraser University