You, Only Better
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If you want to be happy, fulfilled and energised its probably best not to obsess over being THE best. Why not focus on doing YOUR best? You don't need to completely transform yourself and become a shining beacon of wonderment and astonishing success—you should remain you . . . just a better version. You, Only Better is all about discovering what you're good at and focusing on that. It's about deciding what it is you really want from life and learning how to reach your full potential. Packed with the author's hand-drawn illustrations, helpful quotes, mini-case studies and Q&As you'll learn how to change your mindset for the better and think positively, take action to achieve your goals, fight against fatigue and get motivated and achieve long lasting happiness and contentment.

You, Only Better offers techniques and methods for:

  • Gaining energy and focus
  • Managing your time effectively
  • Setting your goals
  • Honing your thinking and mindset
  • Dealing with pressure and stress
  • Making smart decisions
  • Thinking creatively to solve problems
  • Actually taking action and keeping up the momentum


Nicholas Bate is passionate about supporting people to ensure they realise and release their true and full potential. It is the simple purpose of his organisation, Strategic Edge and his teaching, consulting and writing.

After a career in sales and marketing in the IT industry, culminating in leading sector marketing for Research Machines, Oxford, UK, Nicholas launched Strategic Edge. A small, premium consultancy, Strategic Edge
specialises in creating long-term competitive advantage for its clients including Microsoft, Starbucks, Marks and Spencer, The BBC, Royal Sun Alliance and Oxfam amongst others.

A pioneering ‘thought leader’, Nicholas has introduced and worked with his clients on a range of simple yet powerful concepts which help with challenges such as ever-demanding productivity, work/life balance and
new routes to innovation.

He has designed, written and teaches six highly innovative courses: Personal Excellence; Brilliant at the Basics of Selling; Personal Presence; Instant MBA; How To Boost Your Creativity; and The Five Choices of
Outstanding Customer Service.

Consistently rated as an inspirational yet highly pragmatic key-note speaker, Nicholas teaches around the world (UK and continental Europe; USA and Canada; Asia) and is particularly skilled at working in an
experiential and engaging manner. He works as a coach to many senior people in the industry in areas such as presentation skills, work/life balance and creativity.


Introduction vi

1. Do What You Are Best At 1

2. Being At Your Best 27

3. Set Your Personal Compass 47

4. How to Boost Your Productivity 67

5. Manage Your Thinking. Make Great Decisions. Get it to Happen. 91

6. How to Be Brilliantly Creative 111

7. Transform Your Life: Unplug! 131

8. How to Create Massive Momentum Behind the Changes you Seek 149

9. The A to Z of You, Only Better 165