This is Social Commerce - Turning Social Mediainto Sales
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More About This Title This is Social Commerce - Turning Social Mediainto Sales


The first book to market on the hottest topic on the web

Social commerce is the new buzz word and this book will be the first to cut through the hype and tell you exactly what it all means... and how to do it. Social media has moved on, it's not enough to just be engaging your customers in fun chit-chat, now you can sell to them directly through their favourite social media platform. ASOS, the fashion website, have just set up a commerce site on Facebook and people are scrambling to follow in their footsteps. No longer do you have the nightmare of dragging people from their social networking site to your homepage – you can get them buying right where they are! In this follow up to This Is Social Media Guy Clapperton uses the same easy-to-follow visuals and instructions to break the process down and show you exactly how to set up your own social commerce operation and how to make it a success.


  • Step-by-step guide to setting up your own commerce site within social media platforms such as Facebook
  • Building a loyal community who will keep coming back and buying from you
  • How to offer superb customer service to your social media consumers
  • Developing new product especially for this new environment
  • Measuring your ROI


Guy Clapperton is a journalist, broadcaster and speaker on business issues and all things digital in the press. He has spoken on social media all over the world since the release of his last book, This is Social Media.


Introduction: The Death of Attention vii

Chapter 1: Welcome to Social Commerce 1

Chapter 2: Diving In 21

Chapter 3: Getting New Customers in the Social Media Age 41

Chapter 4: Subtle Selling 59

Chapter 5: Customers and Beyond – The Different Communities You Can Talk to 77

Chapter 6: Building a Community 95

Chapter 7: New Product Development and Customer Service 113

Chapter 8: Marketing Communications 129

Chapter 9: Show Me the Money – Measuring ROI 147

Postscript 163

Index 167