What You Need to Know about Starting a Business
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Ever wanted to be an entrepreneur? Ever wanted to control what you do, when you do it and stop just making money for someone else?

Now is your chance. Starting up a business has never been more exciting.

This book explains what you really need to know to make your business a success:
• How you'll know if you've got a good idea
• The practicalities of setting up a company
• How to manage the money
• How to sell what you do
• How to make sure you stay soon through it all.

This is the book you need to swagger into the Dragon's Den full of confidence.


Chapter 1 - The Idea

Chapter 2 - The Business Plan

Chapter 3 - Systems, Tools and Legalities

Chapter 4 - Money

Chapter 5 - Sales & Marketing

Chapter 6 - People

Chapter 7 - Growth and Staying Power

Chapter 8 - Lifestyle


Kevin Duncan is a business adviser, marketing expert, motivational speaker and author. He spent 20 years in advertising and marketing, and has now runs his own consultancy, Expert Advice, working as an independent troubleshooter. Recent clients include BT, Mediacom, Saatchi & Saatchi, News International and Orange.


Introduction 1

1 – The Idea 7

2 – The Business Plan 37

3 – Laws and Systems 63

4 – The Money Bit 81

5 – Sales and Marketing 105

6 – People 135

7 – Growth and Durability 157

8 – Lifestyle Matters 177

Index 205