Psychological Problems of Ageing - AssessmentTreatment & Care
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The understanding and treatment of the problems of ageing is a growing challenge for clinical psychologists and other mental health professionals. This book is directly focused on the training needs of such professionals; it brings together what they essentially need to know about the processes of normal ageing, the range of psychological problems that can arise, and the assessment, treatment and long-term care of ageing patients. The contributors are experts from the UK and USA, and the aim is to present evidence-based knowledge for training and best practice.

* Within this relatively concise volume the range of topics is wide
* From neuropsychological assessment to psychological therapies
* From individual problems to institutional issues, as well as family-based and community care
* From normal ageing to dementia, as well as major problems such as depression
"...would certainly recommend this book to buy for trainee or qualified clinical psychologists..." - Journal of Dementia Care


Robert T. Woods is the author of Psychological Problems of Ageing: Assessement, Treatment and Care, published by Wiley.


Intellectual Changes in Late Life (I. Stuart-Hamilton);
Identity Management in Later Life (P. Coleman);
Mental Health Problems in Late Life (R. Woods);
The Neuropsychology of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias (R. Morris);
Community Care -
Psychological Perspectives (C. Gilleard);
Family Caregiving -
Research and Clinical Intervention (S. Zarit & A. Edwards);
Institutional Care (R. Woods);
Psychological Assessment of Older People (R. Woods);
Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (L. Dick, et al.);
Psychodynamic Therapy and Scientific Gerontology (B. Knight);
Psychological "Therapies" in Dementia (R. Woods)


...would certainly recommend this book to buy for trainee or qualified clinical psychologists..." (Journal of Dementia Care, September 2000)

This is a very good book and it is hard to see how psychologists can be without it" (Age Aging, Vol 29/5, 2000)

"...the book does a good job of maintaining a broad perspective, whilst covering...the important areas.." (Behaviour Research and Therapy, No.40, 2002)