The Angel of Mons - Phantom Soldiers and GhostlyGuardians
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More About This Title The Angel of Mons - Phantom Soldiers and GhostlyGuardians


The Angel of Mons recounts the tale of the advancement of German troops through Mons in 1914, to meet the ill-prepared British Expeditionary Force.  The British troops were forced to retreat, with little hope of saving the lives of those at the front.  It is in these extreme circumstances that many of the wounded and dying soldiers brought back from the Western Front, reported having been rescued by strange angelic forms in the sky that protected them from massacre - The Angel of Mons. 

David Clarke follows this and other myths and rumours in an effort to trace the reality behind the Angel of Mons and discover what it was the soldiers saw. 


David Clarke is an acknowledged expert on supernatural beliefs of twentieth century war. He has written seven books on strange phenomena and UFOs and has been an advisor on this subject both to print and broadcast media. He teaches on traditions of supernatural belief at the Centre for English Folklore studies at the University of Sheffield.




1. The Unseen Host.

2. The Battle of Mons.

3. Rumours of War.

4. The Sinister Genius.

5. The Birth.

6. Ministering Angels.

7. Angels that Refuse to Die.

8. Phantoms of No Man's Land.

9. The Hidden Hand.

10. Myth or Miracle?

Appendix: 'The Bowmen', by Arthur Machen.


Notes and References.



“…Clarke’s analysis is meticulous…will be loved by anyone who enjoys a good mystery.” (Good Book Guide, April 2005)

“…highly recommended…” (Magonia, June 05) Magonia is an established magazine (1968) that ‘interprets contemporary vision and belief’.