New Perspectives on Aggression ReplacementTraining - Practice, Research and Application
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More About This Title New Perspectives on Aggression ReplacementTraining - Practice, Research and Application


Aggression Replacement Training (ART) is a cognitive-behavioural intervention targeted to aggressive adolescents and children, which is being increasingly adopted worldwide. The outcome of the first major conference on the growing status of ART and its future directions, this book's coverage includes the cognitive-behavioural context of ART, the component procedures, various training approaches and program applications, research evaluations and 'extensions and elaborations'.


Arnold P. Goldstein was the Director of the Center for Research on Aggression at Syracuse University, Director of the New York State Task Force on Juvenile Gangs, and co-founder of the International Center for Aggression Replacement Training. He served on the American Psychological Association Commission on Youth Violence and on the Council of Representatives for the International Society for Research on Aggression. A prolific writer, he authored more than 55 books and 100 articles on violence, aggression, delinquency, abuse, and related topics. His work was honored with numerous awards, including the Career Achievement Award from the American Psychological Association's Committee on Children, Youth, and Families (1996), the Senior Scientist Award from the  APA Psychology Division (1996), and the 2002 Devereux Massachusetts Legacy of Caring Award. Just before his death in 2002, Professor Goldstein was nominated for a Nobel Prize.

Rune Nensén is the founder of The Oasis, a residential treatment facility for young people and their families, in Sweden. A qualified social worker, he has many years' experience in the social services as both a supervisor and program director in cities in southern Sweden. Since 1990 he has primarily worked as the director and Program Director for The Oasis which, over the past decade, has served more than 80 cities in Sweden in offering services to families with young children. In 1997 Rune Nensén successfully introduced ART at The Oasis as a program for both families and children.

Bengt Daleflod is a psychologist specializing in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. He started his clinical career in the psychiatric care of children and adolescents, and since 1986 he has been working with incarcerated juvenile delinquents and involved in staff training and supervision. He works within SiS (The National Board of Institutional Care) and is now connected to Sundbo Youth Home in Sweden where ART is one of the main interventions that has been introduced in working with young offenders. Bengt Daleflod is also an active member of the Swedish Behavioral Therapy Association with a special assignment to work out guidelines for treatment of various psychological disorders.

Mikael Kalt was born in Warsaw but has been residing in the city of Malmö in Sweden for the pas 23 years. He has a long and extensive experience of working with aggressive and delinquent youth in different settings, ranging from institutions to community-based projects and schools. Mikael Kalt and his friends and associates Mariusz Hermelin and Ivan Brilje are the co-founders of Ungdomsalternativet ("The Youth Alternative"), a non-government organization working in Sweden with youth at risk in schools and the community and training teachers and youth workers in ART. He is a practicing ART trainer working on a regular basis with youth groups, and is an ART Master Trainer, training staff and new ART trainers.


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Series Editors' Preface.




1. Aggression Replacement Training: The Cognitive-Behavioural Context (Clive R. Hollin).

2. Skillstreaming: The Behavioral Component (Arnold P. Goldstein).

3. Current Issues in Anger Management Interventions with Youth (Eva L. Feindler and Kristen Baker).

4. Moral Reasoning Training: The Values Component (John C. Gibbs).


5. Application in an Inner City Elementary School (Rob DiFlorio).

6. Collaboration with Human Services and Schools (Mark Amendola and Robert Oliver).

7. Ungdomasalternativet—The Youth Alternative (Ivan Brilje, Mariusz Hermelin, and Mikael Kalt).

8. The Oasis-A Living Idea (Rune Nensén and Nikolai Hamstein).

9. A National Dissemination Program (James McGuire and Danny Clark).


10. The Prepare Curriculum (Arnold P. Goldstein).

11. The Peace Curriculum (Sara Salmon).

12. Aggression Control Therapy for Adult Forensic Psychiatric Patients: Development and Preliminary Results (Ruud H.J. Hornsveld).

13. Aggression Replacement Training: A Learning Process for the Whole Family (Robert Calame and Kim Parker).

14. Evaluations of Effectiveness (Arnold P. Goldstein).

15. The ART Trainer as a Scientific Practitioner (Bengt Daleflod).