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Practical, technical and topical, this new title from Architectural Design brings together contributions on all aspects of housing around the world: from design solutions to the focus on technical and cultural approaches to affordable innovation in housing design

Housing for the people. What opportunities exist? Who is breaking down the boundaries to create innovative housing stock? Attitudes towards mass housing are changing. Progressive techniques, materials and technologies are opening up new possibilities and new alliances are being hammered out between designers and house builders. Could this signal the onset of a new era of design-conscious mass housing?

With contributors writing from six distinct geographical areas - the UK, the East Coast of the US, the West Coast of the US, Sweden, Japan and Australia – this book provides a global picture of the kinds of solutions available.


Editorial (Helen Castle).

Introduction (Lucy Bullivant).

Working the Programme: Designing Social and Affordable Housing in the Netherlands (Lucy Bullivant).

The Regenerator: Profile of Tom Bloxham of Urban Splash (Helen Castle).

New Designs in House Building: Interview with David Birkbeck of Design for Homes (Helen Castle).

Common Ground: Mediating Thresholds Between Public and Private Space in UK Housing Design (Rob Wilson).

The Swedish Home (Ola Nylander).

Emergency Dwelling (Mark Prizeman).

Avoiding Disaster: Gans and Jelacic?s Work on Emergency Housing (Deborah Gans and Matthew Jelacic).

Fine Tuning: How the New York City Housing Authority Makes Housing Work (Jayne Merkel).

Architects as Housemakers in Japan (Thomas Daniell).

ABBA Housing and Beyond: The Future of Architect-Designed Residential Developments in Au stralia (Lindsay Johnston).

Cont ributors Biographies

Interior Eye: Furniture Fair (Craig Kellogg).

Building Profile: Court of Appeals in Valdivia (Jeremy Melvin).

Practice Profile: Duncan Lewis/Scape Studio (Robin Wilson).

Engineering Exegesis: Generative Design: Blurring the Lines Between Architect, Engineer and Computer (Kristina Shea ).

Art Deco: 1910?1939 (John Outram).

Site Lines Magnet: Cedric Price (Samantha Hardingham).


“…interesting insights…” (Inside Housing, Nov 03)

“This is an interesting collection of work spanning a large number of countries with contributors and schemes…” (Building Engineer, April 2004)