Web Design with XML - Generating Web Pages withXML ,CSS, XSLT & Formatting Objects
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More About This Title Web Design with XML - Generating Web Pages withXML ,CSS, XSLT & Formatting Objects


A quick and easy introduction to key XML technologies.
Extensible markup language, or XML, consists of tags indicating the content of the data contained on a page. The neutral, platform-independent format of this mark-up language makes it possible to feed different output channels (Web, WAP, Print) from one information source. In this quick and easy introduction to key XML technologies, Web Design with XML adds another dimension to XML, demonstrating how to generate visual output using XML DTDs, Namespaces, CSS, XSL, and XSLT, all illustrated with examples.
* One basic example file is used throughout the book to demonstrate features of CSS XPath XSLT and FO
* All examples are available for download from the accompanying Web site and can easily be used for server-side web page generation as well as for client-side rendering
* Contains easy-to-use techniques requiring no programming know-how
* Can be used as a concise and readable XSLT reference


Manfred Knobloch has worked for more than 10 years in the field of application development. He now works with the Knowledge Media Research Centre at Tübingen. His research interests are document structuring, content management and database publishing

Matthias Kopp works at the Computing Centre of Tübingen University. His research interests are content management and data structuring.




Overview of XML, XSL and CSS.

A brief introduction to XML.

XML and CSS.


Transformations using XSLT.


Other XSLT language elements.

Creating navigation structures.

XSL Formatting Objects.

Appendix A: Elements of the XSLT language.

Appendix B: Complete style sheets.

Appendix C: Further information.