Extreme Programming in Action - PracticalExperiences from Real World Projects
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More About This Title Extreme Programming in Action - PracticalExperiences from Real World Projects


Real-life experience of eXtreme Programming from XP programmers.
eXtreme Programming (XP) is a hot new development methodology for building software systems quickly without sacrificing quality. Authors Lippert, Wolf and Rook have three years' experience of working on professional XP projects. The projects range from application via prototype to framework development and cover project sizes from one person month to more than 400 person months. Until now XP has been described in outline by those promoting its advantages, this book provides objective examples of how it can be used in practice.
* An objective assessment of XP, grounded in real world experience, and not written by those championing this method
* Invaluable combination of theory and practice
* Covers advanced topics such as project organization, team roles and integrating legacy systems


Martin Lippert, Stefan Roock and Henning Wolf, all at University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.
Lippert, Roock and Wolfe are project coaches for extreme programming and software architectures in the professional architecting and consulting work they undertake for APCON Workplace Solutions, a company associated with the University at which they also hold research positions. Lippert is on the program committee of Extreme Programming Conference in 2002.





XP Practices.




Implementing XP.

Special situations.

Project reports.

Evaluation and outlook.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Integrating Methods.