Foundations of Special Education - AnIntroduction
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More About This Title Foundations of Special Education - AnIntroduction


A unique cross-disciplinary critique of the foundations of Special Education.
  • Covers legal, conceptual, medical, pharmacological, neuropsychological, social, behavioural, cognitive, psychotherapeutic, psycholinguistic, technological and pedagogical foundations
  • Provides examples of how each foundation provides insights or practical contributions to special education generally, and to specific disabilities and disorders in particular
  • Delivers information across all major types of disorder/disability in a single volume, creating a must-have reference for anyone involved in special education training, research or teaching


DR MICHAEL FARRELL is a special education consultant working with children, parents, schools, local authorities, voluntary organisations, universities and government ministries. His many books on special education, which are translated into European and Asian languages, include: Educating Special Children: An Introduction to Provision for Pupils with Disabilities and Disorders(2008) and The Special Education Handbook(fourth edition) (2009).




The Author.

1 Components of Special Education.

2 Legal/ Typological.

3 Terminological.

4 Social.

5 Medical.

6 Neuropsychological.

7 Psychotherapeutic.

8 Behavioural/Observational.

9 Developmental.

10 Psycholinguistic.

11 Technological.

12 Pedagogical.

13 Conclusion.




"Michael Farrell has created a text that is of value to students, teachers and other professionals who want a quality, in-depth view of the legal, social, medical, developmental and behavioural aspects in special education today. It would be excellent as a background text or reference text for both undergraduate and graduate courses in special education and related areas."
Professor Lisa Schoenbrodt, Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology, Loyola College in Maryland, USA

"Michael Farrell has written a learned and useful introduction about the foundations of Special Education. Importantly, the book considers the social and political factors underpinning special educational practices, as well as the variety of individual characteristics that must be taken into account in order to provide effective and fair educational practices."
Professor Simo Vehmas, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland