Austerity Business - 39 Tips for Doing More withLess
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More About This Title Austerity Business - 39 Tips for Doing More withLess


"These tips are worth their weight in gold to businesses of all sizes."
Peter Jones, CBE, Entrepreneur and star of TV's Dragon's Den

For any business, less really can be more.

We all face new, austere times. Whether starting up, surviving or seeking to dominate its niche, every business needs to adjust. Based on years of real business experience, this book shows you how.

From reinvigorating staff with Dunkirk spirit, to building revenues on a shoestring, this book tells you where to cut and where to keep spending.

Packed with witty anecdotes, inspirational quotes and common sense advice, Austerity Business is a reinvigorating read for any business leader sworn down by daily bad news – the age of austerity really can be about thriving, not just surviving.


Alex Pratt is an award-winning entrepreneur, and one of the UK’s leading business figures.
He started trading bankrupt stock at the age of 16, and was quickly spotted as a National Rising Business Star. At 23, he founded his own company Sunalex, which specialized in the design of niche tasklighting products – making everything from reading lights and sewing lights, to map-reading lights for lights on spaceships. He is now Director of Serious Brands, an extension of his reading lights business, which provides a variety of goods for the 50 plus market.
He writes a monthly column on business at the Coalface in Director Magazine, and is an active member of the institute of Directors.


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Part I Attitude.

Tip 1 Face the truth.

Tip 2 Giraffes don't jump.

Tip 3 Adjust your set.

Tip 4 Opportunities don't knock.

Tip 5 Your five a day.

Tip 6 No entrepreneur is an island.

Tip 7 Don't put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today.

Tip 8 Time poverty

Tip 9 Keep the faith.

Tip 10 Patience is a virtue.

Tip 11 A coach in your pocket.

Tip 12 Keep fit.

Part II People.

Tip 13 Musketeers and mercenaries.

Tip 14 Follow the leader.

Tip 15 Abolish slavery.

Tip 16 It's good to work.

Tip 17 Don't hire and hope.

Tip 18 One size doesn’t fit all.

Tip 19 Meeting the challenge.

Part III Customers.

Tip 20 Good value.

Tip 21 Sell your socks off.

Tip 22 Keep on marketing.

Tip 23 Price for victory.

Tip 24 Care for your customers.

Tip 25 Word of mouth and mouse.

Tip 26 Get yourself connected.

Tip 27 Forget out-of-focus groups.

Tip 28 On with the show.

Tip 29 Your word is your brand.

Part IV Strategy.

Tip 30 Dredge the pond.

Tip 31 You won't save your way to success.

Tip 32 Bread today, jam tomorrow.

Tip 33 Waste not, want not.

Tip 34 Secure your supply lines.

Tip 35 Focus, focus, focus.

Tip 36 Assume makes an ass ….

Tip 37 No surprises.

Tip 38 Avoid perfection.

Tip 39 KISS.