Integrated Endocrinology
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More About This Title Integrated Endocrinology


This innovative textbook provides a readable, contemporary and fully integrated introduction to endocrine glands, their hormones and how their function relates to homeostasis. It explores the pathology of endocrine disease by relating the underpinning science through a wealth of clinical scenarios and examples. The book integrates basic and clinical aspects for a range of endocrine glands and their hormones and includes a number of specialist chapters that also address areas of intense research and clinical interest including the regulation of salt, appetite and endocrine-immune interactions.


  • Provides a fully-integrated, scientific and clinical introduction to endocrinology.
  • Includes a wealth of colour illustrations to reinforce key concepts.
  • Introduces clinical scenarios and  leading questions to engage interest and illustrate the relevance of  the underpinning science.
  • Includes key references and suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter.


Written by a highly respected and experienced author team this new textbook will prove invaluable to students needing an original, integrated introduction to the subject across a variety of disciplines including biomedical science, pharmacology , bioengineering and pre-clinical medicine.


Professor John Laycock, Division of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London, UK.

Professor Karim Meeran, Division of Investigative Science, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London, UK.


Preface vii

1 The Molecular Basis of Hormones 1

2 The Hypothalamus and the Concept of Neurosecretion 43

3 The Pituitary Gland (1): The Anterior Lobe (Adenohypophysis) 51

4 The Pituitary Gland (2): The Posterior Lobe (Neurohypophysis) 89

5 Diseases of the Pituitary Gland 109

6 The Gonads (1): Testes 133

7 The Gonads (2): Ovaries 155

8 The Endocrine Control of Puberty 189

9 The Hormones of Pregnancy, Parturition and Lactation 199

10 The Adrenal Glands (1): Adrenal Cortex 211

11 The Adrenal Glands (2): Adrenal Medulla 247

12 The Endocrine Control of Salt and Water Balance 259

13 The Thyroid Gland and Its Iodothyronine Hormones 275

14 The Islets of Langerhans and Their Hormones 303

15 Diabetes Mellitus 325

16 The Gut–Brain Axis 337

17 Hormones, Endocrine Tumours and the Gut 343

18 The Parathyroids, the Endocrine Kidney and Calcium Regulation 349

19 The Genetics of Endocrine Tumours 375

20 Future Prospects 383

Index 387