Eating and its Disorders
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More About This Title Eating and its Disorders


Eating and its Disorders features contributions by international experts in the field of eating disorders which represent an overview of the most current knowledge relating to the assessment, treatment, and future research directions of the study of eating-related disorders.
  • Presents the newest models and theories for use in the treatment of patients with eating disorders
  • Written specifically to fulfill the needs of clinical psychologists and therapists
  • Includes coverage of important service related issues for working with people with eating disorders
  • Features chapters from a global group of authors which highlight differing methods and perspectives that can be incorporated into clinical practice


John Fox works as a lecturer in clinical psychology in the Division of Clinical Psychology at the University of Manchester where he is involved in training the next generation of Clinical Psychologists, and as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the Eating Disorders Clinic at Cheadle Royal Hospital. He has published extensively on eating disorders, with a particular research interest in emotional factors and eating disorders.

Kenneth Goss is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Coventry Eating Disorders Service in the UK.Dr. Goss has more than 20 years’ experience working with people with eating difficulties. He has supervised and trained numerous trainee Clinical Psychologists in the field of eating disorders.


About the Editors  viii

About the Contributors  ix

Preface  xvi

Acknowledgements  xix

Section 1 Clinical Assessment  1

Chapter 1 Introduction to Clinical Assessment for Eating Disorders  3
Ken Goss and John RE Fox

Chapter 2 The Assessment of Mental State, Psychiatric Risk and Co-Morbidity in Eating Disorders  11
Hannah Andrews

Chapter 3 Psychological Assessment in Eating Disorders  28
Ken Goss, Steven Allan, Lisa Galsworthy-Francis and Bhavisha Dave

Chapter 4 Physiological Assessment of Eating Disorders  42
Ty Glover and Sonu Sharma

Chapter 5 Assessment of Occupation and Social Performance  61
Rebecca Morris

Chapter 6 Motivation to Change  75
Catherine Kitson

Chapter 7 Treating Eating Disorders: Some Legal and Ethical Issues  102
Simona Giordano

Chapter 8 Perspectives on Living with an Eating Disorder: Lessons for Clinicians  117
Stephanie Tierney

Section 2 Psychological Processes in Eating Disorders  135

Chapter 9 Psychological Processes in Eating Disorders 137
John RE Fox and Ken Goss

Chapter 10 Trauma and Eating Disorder  139
Christopher Holman

Chapter 11 Shame and Pride in Eating Disorders  154
Steven Allan and Ken Goss

Chapter 12 Emotions and Eating Disorders  167
John RE Fox, Anita Federici and Mick J Power

Chapter 13 Neuropsychological Inefficiences in Anorexia Nervosa Targeted In Clinical Practice: The Development of a Module of Cognitive Remediation Therapy  185
Carolina Lopez, Helen Davies and Kate Tchanturia

Section 3 Psychological Therapies for Eating Disorders  199

Chapter 14 Introduction to Psychological Therapies for Eating Disorders  201
Ken Goss and John RE Fox

Chapter 15 Cognitive Behavioural Models in Eating Disorders  204
Myra Cooper

Chapter 16 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for the Eating Disorders: Getting Off to a Flying Start  225
Madeleine Tatham, Jane Evans and Glenn Waller

Chapter 17 Psychodynamic Approaches to Eating Disorders  244
Tony Winston

Chapter 18 Family and Multifamily Therapy  260
Mima Simic and Ivan Eisler

Chapter 19 Using Cognitive Analytic Therapy to Understand and Treat People with Eating Disorders  280
Adrian Newell

Chapter 20 An Introduction to Compassion-Focused Therapy for Eating Disorders (CFT-E)  303
Ken Goss and Steven Allan

Chapter 21 Emotions and Eating Disorders: Treatment Implications  315
John RE Fox, Anita Federici and Mick J Power

Section 4 Working With Special Populations and Service-Related Issues  339

Chapter 22 Working with Special Populations and Service-Related Issues  341
John RE Fox and Ken Goss

Chapter 23 Working with Anorexia Nervosa on an Eating Disorders Inpatient Unit: Consideration of the Issues  344
John RE Fox, Ceri Woodrow and Kate Leonard

Chapter 24 The Treatment Setting for Eating Disorders: Day Patient Treatment  360
Amy Willinge, Chris Thornton and Stephen Touyz

Chapter 25 Personality Disorder and Eating Disorder: The Management of Eating Disorders in People With Co-Morbid Personality Disorder  394
Mark J Sampson, Magdalene Sampson and John RE Fox

Chapter 26 Working with Severe and Enduring Eating Disorders: Enhancing Engagement and Matching Treatment to Client Readiness  412
Josie Geller, Suja Srikameswaran, Joanna Zelichowska and Kim D Williams

Chapter 27 Eating Disorders in Males  427
Zach de Beer and Bernadette Wren

Chapter 28 Eating Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence: Assessment and Treatment Issues  442
Debra Quine

Chapter 29 Eating Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence: Service-Related Issues  467
Debra Quine

Index  487