Maximising the Benefits of Psychotherapy - APractice-based Evidence Approach
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More About This Title Maximising the Benefits of Psychotherapy - APractice-based Evidence Approach


Maximising the Benefits of Psychotherapy critiques Evidence-Based Practice and describes other approaches to improving the effectiveness of therapy, such as Practice-Based Evidence and the use of client feedback. The authors include a summary of key research findings and an accessible guide to applying these ideas to therapeutic practice.
  • Puts forward a critique of existing research claiming that certain psychotherapy programmes are more effective than others in treating specific disorders
  • Includes an accessible summary of key research findings, a practical introduction to a practice-based evidence approach, and a series of detailed case studies
  • Offers a timely alternative to the prevailing wisdom in the mental health field by challenging the practical logic of the Evidence-Based Practice approach
  • Reviews the empirical evidence examining the effects of client feedback on psychotherapy outcomes


David Green is a clinical psychologist who has worked therapeutically for more than 30 years with young people and their families. From 1988 to 2010 he was Clinical Director of the Doctor of Clinical Psychology programme at the University of Leeds. He has been particularly interested in the role clinical supervision plays in the education of healthcare professionals.


Gary Latchford is a clinical psychologist working in physical health, based at the department of Clinical and Health Psychology at St James?s Hospital in Leeds. Since 1996 he has also been research director for the Doctor of Clinical Psychology programme at the University of Leeds.  His clinical and research interests are mostly around psychological interventions in medical settings, and he has published several papers and book chapters on this topic.


List of Figures vii

About the Authors ix

Acknowledgements xi

1 The Equivalence of Psychotherapies 1

2 Research Into Psychotherapy: What Works and How? 23

3 The Conventional Wisdom 45

4 The Real Experimenter 67

5 Practice-based Evidence 87

6 Using Client Feedback in Psychotherapy – The Research 109

7 Using Client Feedback in Psychotherapy – In Practice 129

8 Ideas in Action 151

9 Transforming Training and Supervision 171

10 Conclusions and Some Recommendations 195

Subject Index 211


“In keeping with the authors’ clear preference for the on-going monitoring of client work, is the belief that on-going monitoring of the supervisory dyad mirrors and enhances the supervisee’s learning, and for that reason alone I would recommend this book to both the practising therapist and those in training.”  (Counselling & Psychotherapy Research, 2 December 2014)