ABC of Resuscitation
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ABC of Resuscitation is a practical, illustrated guide to the latest resuscitation advice for the non-specialist and provides the core knowledge on the treatment of cardiopulmonary arrest.

This edition provides a guide to the European Resuscitation Council Guidelines for Resuscitation 2010 and the Resuscitation Council (UK) 2010 Resuscitation Guidelines.
It Includes:

  • the causes and prevention of cardiac arrest
  • basic and advanced life support for adults, children and newborns
  • resuscitation in a range of contexts (in-hospital and out-of-hospital, including drowning, pregnancy, sport and trauma)
  • important aspects of implementation of guidelines including human factors and education

ABC of Resuscitation, 6th Edition is ideal for all healthcare professionals including junior doctors, medical students, general practitioners, paramedics and nurses. It is also useful for pre-hospital care practitioners, emergency medicine trainees, resuscitation officers and all those who teach resuscitation.

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Jasmeet Soar, Immediate Past Chair Resuscitation Council (UK), Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, Southmead Hospital, North Bristol NHS Trust, UK

Gavin D. Perkins, Chair Advanced Life Support Subcommittee, Resuscitation Council (UK), Clinical Professor of Critical Care Medicine, University of Warwick Medical School, UK

Jerry Nolan, Past Chair Resuscitation Council (UK), Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, Royal United Hospital, Bath, UK


List of Contributors vii

Foreword ix

1 Cardiac Arrest and the Chain of Survival 1
Jasmeet Soar Gavin D. Perkins and Jerry Nolan

2 Sudden Cardiac Death 3
David Pitcher

3 Causes and Prevention of Cardiac Arrest in Hospital 9
Gary B. Smith

4 Basic Life Support 15
Anthony J. Handley

5 Advanced Life Support 21
Gavin D. Perkins Jerry Nolan Jasmeet Soar and Susanna Price

6 Defibrillation 26
Charles Deakin and Michael Colquhoun

7 Airway Management and Ventilation 30
Jerry Nolan and Jasmeet Soar

8 Post-Resuscitation Care 36
Jerry Nolan

9 Paediatric Resuscitation 40
Ian K. Maconochie and Robert Bingham

10 Resuscitation at Birth 47
Jonathan Wyllie and Sean Ainsworth

11 Out-of-Hospital Resuscitation 52
Joanne K. Smith Mark Whitbread and Fionna P. Moore

12 In-Hospital CPR 57
Robin P. Davies and Gavin D. Perkins

13 Peri-arrest Arrhythmias 62
Jerry Nolan and David Pitcher

14 Pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators 67
Rani Robson and Jerry Nolan

15 Cardiorespiratory Arrest in Advanced Pregnancy 72
David A. Gabbott

16 Drowning 78
Anthony J. Handley

17 Trauma 82
Kate Crewdson and David J. Lockey

18 Human Factors 86
Peter-Marc Fortune and Andrew S. Lockey

19 CPR Devices 90
Gavin D. Perkins and Jerry Nolan

20 Resuscitation in Sport 95
Carl Gwinnutt

21 Improving Outcomes from Cardiac Arrest: Quality Education and Implementation 100
Jasmeet Soar and Keith Couper

22 Decisions Relating to Resuscitation 104
Serena Cottrell and David Pitcher

Index 111


“Overall, the photos, tables, and diagrams are all clear and well done. The book is easy to read and the images and text correspond and enhance each other well.  It is concise and manageable if one has limited time to devote to ACLS review.”  (Doody’s, 26 September 2013)