Essentials of Gastroenterology
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Are you a student or resident taking a gastroenterology rotation, a fellow in gastroenterology training, or a practitioner approaching GI recertification?

Do you need a rapid-reference, essential guide to help refresh your clinical knowledge?

Essentials of Gastroenterology provides students, residents, and gastroenterologists, especially those in training, with a highly practical, concise guide to the GI system and its major diseases. 

Full color throughout, the book covers all conditions encountered during GI training and education programs and in the clinical setting.  With a strong focus on the clinical aspects of GI disease, it highlights the specific scenarios you will be presented with when managing your patients on the wards.

Each section looks at a particular area of the GI tract, with each disease-related chapter examining the following:

overview of normal functionphysiology and pathophysiologyclinical presentationdifferential diagnosisdiagnostic teststreatment/management options

In addition, there is a section dedicated to the most common symptoms that patients present with, as well as a picture gallery of common GI conditions such as peptic ulcers and inflammatory bowel disease. 

Drs. Sitaraman and Friedman have ensured that the key emphasis throughout is on providing easy-to-assimilate, rapid-reference information on each GI condition, achieved through the use of color-coded text features such as key facts, potential pitfalls, and practice tips.  Packed with multiple choice questions and specific clinical case studies, the book also draws upon the guidelines and recommendations of the world’s leading gastroenterology societies – the AGA, ASGE, ACG, BSG, WGO, and UEGF.


Contributor list, ix

Foreword, xvi

Preface, xix

Acknowledgments, xxi

Luminal Gastrointestinal Tract – Jan-Michael A. Klapproth and Shanthi Srinivasan

1. Gastroesophageal Refl ux DiseaseJennifer Christie, 3

2. DysphagiaEmad Qayed and Shanthi Srinivasan, 17

3. Peptic Ulcer DiseaseShanthi V. Sitaraman and Lawrence S. Friedman, 32

4. Common Upper Gastrointestinal SurgeriesMarc B. Sonenshine and Edward Lin, 43

5. Acute DiarrheaSagar Garud and Jan-Michael A. Klapproth, 60

6. Chronic DiarrheaRobin E. Rutherford, 79

7. Irritable Bowel SyndromeShanthi Srinivasan, 96

8. Infl ammatory Bowel DiseaseJan-Michael A. Klapproth, 103

9. ConstipationShanthi Srinivasan, 121

10. Colorectal NeoplasmsMuhammad Fuad Azrak and Vincent W. Yang, 132

Liver – Frank A. Anania

11. Liver Anatomy and HistopathologyFrank A. Anania, 149

12. Liver Biochemical TestsNader Dbouk and Samir Parekh, 158

13. Viral HepatitisShanthi V. Sitaraman and Lawrence S. Friedman, 174

14. Alcoholic Liver Disease and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver DiseaseAndrew J. Simpson and Ryan M. Ford, 190

15. Chronic Liver DiseasePreeti A. Reshamwala, 205

16. Portal HypertensionSonali S. Sakaria and Ram Subramanian, 222

Pancreas and Biliary System – Field F. Willingham

17. Pancreatic Anatomy and FunctionField F. Willingham, 247

18. Acute PancreatitisSteven Keilin, 260

19. Chronic PancreatitisAnthony Gamboa, Xuan Zhu, and Qiang Cai, 277

20. Bile Acid MetabolismNicole M. Griglione and Field F. Willingham, 291

21. Gallstones and ComplicationsJulia Massaad, 300

Common Problems in Gastroenterology – Jan-Michael A. Klapproth and Shanthi V. Sitaraman

22. Acute Gastrointestinal BleedingTanvi Dhere, 317

23. Abdominal PainKamil Obideen, 335

24. JaundiceNader Dbouk and Preeti A. Reshamwala, 344

25. Abdominal EmergenciesMohammad Wehbi, 357

Picture Gallery – Shanthi Srinivasan and Shanthi V. Sitaraman

26. Classic PathologyNeal R. Patel, Meena Prasad, Douglas C. Parker, Charles W. Sewell, and Henry C. Olejeme, 377

27. Classic ImagesAbhijit Datir, William Small, and Pardeep Mittal, 399

28. Classic Skin ManifestationsMelanie S. Harrison, Robert A. Swerlick, and Zakiya P. Rice, 418

Index, 429


“There is plenty of competition out there both large and small. For medical students and residents early in training, this book compares well with most (and is a tribute to the editors), but for GI fellows and gastroenterologists recertifying other sources such as Practical Gastroenterology and Hepatologyedited by Mayo Clinic gastroenterologists (including this reviewer) are likely to prove more useful.”  (Gastroenterology, 1 June 2013)