Fashion Design - Process, Innovation and Practice2e
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Shows how the design process can be successfully applied to satisfy market needs and trends

Fashion design seems to be a glamorous mystery for which only the fortunate few have sufficient talent to succeed. In reality, commercially successful results can be achieved if the right processes are followed in the early design process.

Fashion Design sets out basic principles and exercises in order to make fashion design a logical process, providing a framework from which they can expand your skills steadily.

Fashion Design, 2nd Edition:

  • Shows how the design process can be successfully applied to satisfy market needs and trends
  • Has a problem solving approach, with practical design projects and portfolio exercises to encourage readers to develop their innovation, experimentation and versatility
  • Pays special attention to computer-aided design (CAD) and employment opportunities, including an overview of what is involved in studying and becoming a designer in the contemporary fashion industry.


Kathryn McKelvey is a Reader at Northumbria University, in the School of Design. She teaches drawing and visual communication to Motion Graphics and Animation students, but fashion remains a key component for her own research. Kathryn has worked in the fashion forecasting industry in New York as an illustrator and designer.

Janine Munslow is the head of fashion at Northumbria University. Previously, Janine worked as a fashion and textile designer in London, before setting up her own design label partnership, Guerilla Farm, wholesaling in Europe, USA and the Far East, and with established fashion outlets in London.


Acknowledgements iii

Contents iv

Preface vi

Introduction 1

Flow chart 2

Analysing the brief 3

Innovation – exercises 5

Developing designs – quick start exercise13

Research 14

Design process 34

Specialist markets 114

Collections 121

Decision making 128

Design using the computer 132

Promotion 138

Promotion - styling 146

The Portfolio 148

Fashion careers 156

Case studies 175

Bibliography 224

Index 225