Safeguarding Children - A Shared Responsibility
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More About This Title Safeguarding Children - A Shared Responsibility


A multi-professional approach to safeguarding children, which accompanies the Department of Health’s new training courses.
  • Focuses on the methods of identifying children at risk and details what happens at each stage of the social work process
  • Presents a fully multi-disciplinary approach as to how professional groups and services should co-operate to safeguard children
  • Part of the prestigious NSPCC Wiley Series in Safeguarding Children
  • Accompanies the training courses run by the DoH and NSPCC for professionals working with children


Pat Cawson and Sarah Gorin are based in the Research Unit at the NSPCC, UK. Hedy Cleaver is Emeritus Professor at Royal Holloway, UK, and Steve Walker is the Head of Child and Family Services for the City and County of Swansea.